MURFEST Team Applications are now open.


    We refer to our MURFEST Volunteers Team as Bhakti Warriors. While the MURFEST Team primarily supports the logistical operations of the festival, more importantly, we are the spirit warriors too! We greet attendees as they arrive, help them get around, and say goodbye to them on their way home. We are the face of the festival, and without the dedicated support from the MURFEST Team, the festival simply could not take place and would lack that special something that keeps us coming back year after year.

    MURFEST Bhakti Warriors are the space holders of this great event! This is a sacred position. We are the keepers of the fire. We hold the space for the community to dance, make music and embody their truest, most authentic selves.

    MURFEST takes place over 3 days. MURFEST Bhakti Warriors give a portion of their time in exchange for entry to the festival. We will assign shifts to ensure our Volunteers get a chance to celebrate health & wellness too; dancing, stretching and making new friends.  We will ask for your shift and crew preference, but the final decision will be made by us based on our needs and your interests.


    Once you have submitted your application, please be patient while we review it. We will email if you have been accepted, with a link to confirm and pay your impact fee.

    We will send our first wave of acceptance emails in September, after this we continue to receive and accept applications as needed and will email as soon as possible—and yes, there are usually a few last minute spaces open last minute, so it’s worth applying.

    Please note that acceptance will not include your team, role or position. This will be confirmed and announced in our Orientation Meeting, just before the event starts and after you have paid your impact fee.


    We will invite you to join the MURFEST Team Facebook group, so you can receive quick updates, reminders, and connect with the whole community of MURFEST Team members. Here you can organize ride shares and even meet up and get to know the team before the festival.


    Here’s what our volunteers have to say…


    For more information, please email us at

    To become a MURFEST Team Volunteer is to be of service to this community event and help support the MURFEST Mission.

    You must meet these basic requirements:

    1. A positive attitude.
    2. Attend all shifts on time, check-in and out for each shift
    3. You must be available for the ENTIRE festival, arriving promptly at the venue by 7am of the first morning of the festival and stay until 7pm of the last evening of the event.
    4. Attend all orientation meetings.
    5. Pay the Non-refundable Impact Fee.
    6. Meet Passport and Tourist Visa Immigration requirements for Malaysia
    7. Have a Smartphone with WiFi/4G connection. Install Slack App on your phone.

    Accreditation for Media at MURFEST FESTIVAL 2019 is available through Please send us a Letter of Assignment from your Company and min. 3 social media posts of your media endorsement and/or min. 3 copies/links of your journalism work. We are sorry to inform that there will be no further processing for applications without them.


    JustBe Market

    (Food, Snack, Products, Healing & Reading Services & NGOS)

    JustBe Market is a COMMUNITY MARKET, open to all pass holders as well as to Members of the public. Activities in the daytime market include: A Community Workshop space featuring yoga classes, dance workshops, seminars and discussions, a non-for-profit information area, an area for Holistic Healers. This is a vibrant selection of mostly local vendors selling healthy organic foods (Yes! #VegansBeHappy), locally made handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, soaps, gifts and more. Open daily from 8am-6pm at the festival venue.For inquiring vendors, participation in this event is not guaranteed. JustBeMarket is curated and space is limited. Once your vendor request form has been submitted it will be added to a pool and selected by our vendor curating team on a rolling basis. If accepted, you will be notified, and then have 7 days to send your payment by bank transfer. Please do not send payment until you have received notification of your acceptance.