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    Tymi Howard
    Tymi Howard
    International Yoga Teacher

    TYMI HOWARD, 500 E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, is an international yoga teacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Owner of Guruv Yoga Studios in the United States. Pioneering the Vinyasa and Yin Yoga movement not only in Central Florida, but throughout mainland China, Asia, and Indonesia. Tymi is dedicated to inspiring people to discover their life’s purpose through the art of yoga. Her introduction to yoga began in NYC in 1993 as a professional ballet dancer with several nagging injuries and she found her way into an Ashtanga class. Receiving her BA in Theatre and Dance from Rollins College and Masters Degree from NYU/ Circle in the Square, and Yoga Trainings with John Friend, Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, Steve Ross, Jonny Kest, Barron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, David Life and Sharon Gannon just to name a few. Tymi considers herself to be a “professional student.” Tymi is known in the yoga community as a “Teacher of Teachers” and a skillful graceful practitioner. Students fall in love with her dynamic, playful style of teaching, artistic sequencing, and music! Self-proclaimed travel junky, blogger and animal rights advocate, she is a lover of God, Life, and Yoga. Tymi is forever a student and grateful to all of her teachers, students, and family who continue to inspire! You can join Tymi around the globe for one of her Yoga Alliance Certified Trainings, Workshops, Retreats or at a conference and festival-like MURFEST 2019!

    Pre Festival Certification Workshop: (November 5th @ Talent Hub):

    This is a six hour immersion with Super Soul Flow in the morning and The Power of Stillness in the afternoon.

    “Super Soul Flow” | Vinyasa Flow / Mantra & Japa / Meditation: (3 Hours)

    “The Power of Stillness” – 3 Hour Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra (3 Hours)


    “Foundations of Flight” / Inversions for Beginners

    *All Levels Welcome / Hours good for CE’s with Yoga Alliance & THY 200/300Hr TT

    Let’s strip it down and focus our attention solely on being upside down. In this workshop, we will investigate a multitude of aspects that allow us to hold a safe and stable arm balance and headstand. The feet, the hips, the core, the shoulder girdle, the wrists and hands all play an important role in getting and staying upside down. We’ll open, strengthen and integrate through an intelligent flow of foundational poses to build the strength and body awareness needed to fly. We may incorporate wall-work, partner work, and ultimately move towards solo flight. All levels are welcome. Variations and modifications will be given to beginners and frequent flyers alike.


    1) Bhakti Bash!” / Vinyasa Flow

    *ALL LEVELS WELCOME *ALL LEVELS WELCOME A Vinyasa Flow Class & Bhakti Music celebration! A non-dogmatic, inspired and spirit-filled flow practice supported by contemporary and kirtan beats. You will most definitely sweat, sing, laugh and when the spirit moves, dance!

    This is my signature class, not to be missed….be in the bhav, as we cultivate the BHAKTI LOVE!

    2) Yin ROCKS!

    *ALL LEVELS WELCOME The Yin Yoga practice is subtle and deep, and its physical purpose is to work beyond the muscle tissue delving into the connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage and the deepest facia networks in the body. The physical and emotional releases are Amazing! Yin on the Rocks is a creatively sequenced 2 Hour Yin Yoga practice that offers options to kick up the effects of each pose, all set to contemporary Rock Music!
    Paul Teodo
    Paul Teodo
    Power Yoga/Mindfulness Meditation

    Paul Teodo has a gift of translating the depth of his practice through the strings of his guitar, creating a meditative soundscape that enhances the experiences of contemplation and relaxation. It’s a gift that comes from his own sincerity and quest.  

    Paul got his 200 hr. certification at YogaWorks, under senior trainers David Kim and Jesse Schein. He has been mentored by internationally known teachers Sara Ivanhoe and Travis Eliot. His meditation classes are a blend of mindfulness exercises, usually focusing specifically on body-scan. He has also been mentored by Dr. Lorin Roche for the past year and am in the process of completing his 200hr Radiance Sutras Teacher Training. He currently teaches at Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali and leads retreats worldwide with his gorgeous wife – Leah. His mantra is:

    “Keep practicing. Get out of your own way. Enjoy life. Smile. Breathe.”


    Power Yoga with Paul Teodo

    Take a Journey through the REAL Power Yoga. In this Masterclass, we will incorporate tools, techniques, and sequences designed to build both strength and stability throughout the body. This is a great workshop for yoga teachers, or for a student that is looking to develop a home practice. The class emphasizes techniques learned at Santa Monica Power Yoga (Bryan Kest’s original studio) and YogaWorks, two of the most respected yoga studios in the United States.


    1) Myofascial Elasticity

    What the heck is that?!?! Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds our bodies. It gives us shape and form, and our overall mobility is hugely dependent on the condition of our fascia. This workshop discusses basic myofascial movements and talks about ways to condition this connective tissue. We then go into how to incorporate elastic movements into a yoga practice. Elastic movements are designed to open up the fascia through short, quick ranges of motion. Developing more elasticity in the fascia will transform your yoga practice and your body’s overall movement in general. This is a fun challenging workshop designed for ALL LEVELS of experience.

    2)A Journey to Center

    A Journey to Center is my signature meditation and musical experience. It is a 90-minute combination of yin yoga, guided meditation, and sound healing. We begin practice with one hour of yin yoga to release layers of stress and tension from the physical body. After the asana, I lead some simple breathing exercises designed to prime the body for deep relaxation. We then guide you through very specific body scan techniques, to release tension from the body.

    In between each relaxation period, Paul plays instrumental pieces on acoustic guitar. These pieces have been inspired by our own journey into and practice of yoga and meditation. A Journey to Center was featured monthly in 2016 at the flagship meditation studio Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles, CA, and The Yoga Collective in Venice Beach. These performances sold out typically every month and garnered rave reviews from listeners and meditators alike. Since then, Paul and Leah have been leading them together in Bali, Australia, Thailand, and all over the US.

    Levi Banner
    Levi Banner
    Shamanic Breathwork/Relationship Astrology

    Levi is certified to teach pranayama through Kaivalyadhama, one of the first yoga research centers in the world by his teacher, the living pranayama master, Shri O.P. Tiwari.

    Levi also apprentices with Linda Star Wolf, founder of Shamanic Breathwork. Levi is a Master-level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and an Ordained Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

    Levi grounds all of these aspects through his daily yoga practice with his teachers Prem and Radha Carlisi at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center. Two of the most experienced practitioners of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.

    Levi now lives in Bali, Indonesia. You can find Levi teaching regular classes, hosting workshops, immersions and teacher trainings at the world-renown Yoga Barn in Ubud, Or on his international travels to your local studios, sacred locations and conscious culture festivals world-wide.


    Shamanic Breathwork

    In this workshop, you’ll be initiated into a sacred space and engage in ceremonial practices to create unity between you and other members of the group. There’ll be time and space for Mandala art therapy, movement work, individual sharing, and group processing to explore the depths of this magical modality.

    The breath, aided by chakra-attuned music provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape, healing, and trauma release. Levi will guide you into relaxation and the practice of a simple breathing technique. From there, simply trust that whatever emerges is what’s meant to be present.  

    Some people laugh. Some people cry. Some people enter a state of deep and profound meditation. Each time you show up for it, breathwork takes you wherever you need to go. A process that ultimately moves you away from the agendas of your ego and towards the sacred purpose of your soul.


    1) Astrology Basics and Beyond 

    Want to learn about astrology? Now’s your chance! This workshop is ideal for anyone with an interest in astrology, from total beginners to hobbyists.

    In it, Levi draws upon the vast wisdom available to us through astrology and lays out the fundamental components in a clear, simple, practical way: you’ll leave with a new understanding of how your entire birth chart, not simply your sun sign, influences your worldview, potential, and challenges.

    2) Relationship Empowerment Through Astrology

    Illuminate your love, with a workshop that reveals to you aspects of yourself and your love that you never knew existed. You don’t need to be married or in a partnership to enjoy this workshop. Ultimately, we contain the entire Universe, and by spotlighting both who you are and who you seek to be, you can bring both your passions and patterns to conscious awareness, refining our relationships with yourself, partners, friends, and family.

    This workshop is about so much more than simple compatibility. It’s about who you came here to be, and who you attract into your life to support you in that journey.

    Gwyn Williams
    Gwyn Williams
    Zenthai Shiatsu Master

    Gwyn Williams is a movement-based therapist that created Zenthai shiatsu 20 years ago. On the surface, Zenthai is a fusion of Zen shiatsu, Thai massage, and osteopathic technique, however beneath is an enriching conversation with vibrant ever-changing life. The dissolving of division into unity continues to be his inspiration and the aspects of the community, connection and contribution are at the core of the practice.

    Whilst many have been touched by the therapist programs and the multi-layered offerings, the art has evolved to now include a fluid movement-based practice known as Zenthai flow.

    For the past two decades, Gwyn has inspired thousands of students throughout the world with his continually evolving form, which is based around Thich Nhat Hahn’s quote:

    “ When you touch something with awareness you touch everything “

    Gwyn’s work can be explored through his books ’The Zen of Touch” and “Connection to Source”, the www.zenthaishiatsu.com website or the Zenthai healing centers in Australia and Bali.



    “Lower Back: Fluidity As A Priority”

    This class is a festival favorite that is jam-packed with goodies to help deal with lower back pain. Discover this troublesome area through a structural and energetic lens. Unpack the 6 areas where the pain could originate. Experience simple therapeutic gestures and flow though a solo movement sequence. Gain a toolbox to take home and share with another dealing with lower back issues. This class focuses on restoring the juice and widening your capacity to prevent and deal with a common area of complaint. 15% discussion 30 % solo practice. 40 % partner work and therapeutic gesture … 10 % mystery !!


    1) Nature as our teacher

    Through ancient 5 element philosophy and captivating story we will navigate through a wonderful journey led by music and movement. Widen your perspective to see the many lessons that surround the day that guide us in the direction of harmony and balance. In this class, you will tune into a conversation that dissolves the tension and enhances our inner light. Simplicity and listening are the sole ingredients. Marry this with a willingness to put this to action, a newfound vitality is yours. Learn a zenthai bodywork sequence to reinvigorate the body, calm the mind and invite openness into your life. We will explore ways to dissolve the protective mechanisms and allow your being to shine.

    2) Holding On Or Letting Go

    “Are you able to let go? “ This is the phase that keeps coming up in every corner. Unfortunately the more we try to let go …the more contracted we become. Our suggestion is to simply notice where you are ‘ holding on”. With a gentle inquisitive nature, we explore the body and mind to notice the fixated patterns, Then with clear and supported guidance, we lead the fixation out of its rut into a spacious, harmonious freedom. Single and partner work with some bodywork offerings from Zenthai Shiatsu to support the shoulder girdle.

    DJ Crisanto Santa Ana
    DJ Crisanto Santa Ana
    Conscious DJ

    Crisanto Santa Ana is a DJ and Music Producer hailing out of Orange County, California. From DJing clubs to festivals and other conscious gatherings, Crisanto continues to spread good music and positive vibes. He performs at major music & yoga festivals such as Lightning In A Bottle, Shakti & Bhakti Festival, Lucidity Festival. Crisanto instantly transforms any party into a dancing marathon for all ages. His array of music selection is boundless, crossing musical genres as he intuitively reads what the crowd is craving for. Crisanto is currently working with world-renowned music artist MC YOGI producing music in the studio and touring the globe.

    Catch Crisanto spinning for Amanda Koh and Tymi Howard as well as leading MURFEST’S Ecstatic Dance this year!

    James Wong
    James Wong
    Yoga Anatomy

    James Wong, from Malaysia, is a certified ERYT500 Yoga Alliance Trainer & certified IICT Remedial Therapist; specialist in Scoliosis management, a book author of his Trigger Point book. He is passionate about all things Yoga, connecting with his students and imparting knowledge that allows people to make a positive change in their lives. He is especially fascinated with human anatomy and energy works through the meridians and Chinese Medicine System.


    For those of you looking to improve your health, clarity of mind, sense of well-being and productivity, yin yoga & Sound Healing would seem to be a good combination for your body and soul.

    At first glance, it’s completely reasonable to wonder how one activity could have so many benefits. But the answer is quite simple: Yin & Sound

    Yin Yoga with Sound Healing Frequencies

    Yin Yoga blended with the healing of the sounds is accurately tuned in harmonic frequencies which are promoting balance and health at all levels. Sound frequencies penetrate right deep into the fascia cellular system which helps release not on tensed fascia but to release emotions trapped in the body system.



    Topics to be covered in this workshop:

    • Fundamentals of Spine Anatomy
    • Functional Yoga : Skeletal Variation of the Hips Extension & Scapula Variations
    • How to avoid lower back pain issues in Backbend and how release fascia for backache
    • Series of Hip Opening preparations
    • Bandha Engagements & Breath control
    • Thoracic Opening & Fascia Gliding in Movements



    Topics to be covered in this workshop:

    • Fundamentals behind yin yoga & connective tissues
    • Functional Anatomy studies – Scoliosis conditions on the spine
    • Studies of imbalance fascia- Fascia Studies and Anatomy of the Muscles & Postural Analysis for Scoliosis
    • Yin Yoga Practice Classes using props and modifications – injury prevention
    • Emotions in Meridian organs by practicing Yin Yoga
    • Concepts of Fascia for Scoliosis management and areas to focus to help improve conditions
    • How to relieve backache and sciatica pain
    • Which area to stretch & which area needs to be strengthened for scoliosis management in both Yin & Yang Pose
    Olivia Mercado
    Olivia Mercado
    The Ultimate Connect Yoga Journey

    Olivia is a wellness coach. Born and raised in Bolivia, she’s a huge fan of gourmet sandwiches and morning cuddles.

    Olivia lived through physical and emotional pain in her early 20’s, which led her to discover the healing powers of Yoga and Meditation.

    She is a graphic designer, turned school teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, turned yoga instructor, wellness coach, and entrepreneur.

    Her passion in life is helping others to awaken to their truest potential through the practices of Yoga, Meditation and Tantra. Olivia has lived in Bolivia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia and journeyed all around – including India, Canada, Brazil, the Caribbean, and extensively around Southeast Asia.  

    Olivia is a 500-hr certified Yoga Instructor in the styles of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Universal Yoga. She is a Reiki Master and has also trained in Vipassana Meditation and Tantra.

    Special Event (Saturday Evening)

    Ecstatic Dance with DJ Crisanto Santa Ana and special guest teacher Levi Banner

    Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves; the liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

    Join us on Saturday evening, as the sun sets, to dance away all pains and shames, all troubles and worries…opening to life, love, connection, and fun!

    This session will be led by Olivia Mercado and Levi Banner, both proponents of the powers of ecstatic dance. DJ Cristanto Santa Ana will be spinning and elevating our spirits in a 90-minute session!


    1) Heart Chakra Balancing: Trusting and Opening To Life

    This workshop is focused on expanding and balancing the Heart Chakra, known as ANAHATA, meaning “unstruck by sound”.

    The heart chakra governs our connection with others and is the seat for unconditional love. Since love is considered to be a healing power, this chakra is also considered the healing center.

    When in balance, we feel a deep sense of altruism, love for self and others, forgiveness, compassion, and happiness.

    When Anahata is underactive, you may experience:

    • Lack of compassion and empathy,

    • low self-esteem

    • insecurity, jealousy and lack of trust or inability to open to love

    When it is overactive, you have feelings of:

    • Jealousy

    • stinginess

    • anger and smothering people with your love,

    • controlling or becoming possessive and obsessive,

    • selfish love

    Harnessing this love energy is extremely powerful. This flow, if done earnestly, is bound to dissolve barriers and open your heart to greater love. Join Olivia in this powerful heart-opening experience!

    Nick & Chester Tan
    Nick & Chester Tan
    Forrest Yoga

    Nick is passionate about living well, to move & align with the nature of body, mind, heart, and spirit towards a state of oneness. Nick set up AIM Yoga with Chester back in 2012. Nick conducts 200 hours of teachers training, workshops, retreats and teachers regularly at Fitness First Asia. He also is a presenter for Les Mills BODYBALANCE in Asia Pacific. Nick is also a member of Yogavatar’s teachers training team in 2016 as Yoga Philosophy and lifestyle teacher till the current day.

    Nick’s class infuses Yoga Asana, Functional Bodywork, Ceremonies, Pranayama, Meditation, Sound healing. With 13+ years of experience of teaching, he now teaches from a place of practicality and clear intention to make way towards wholeness.

    Chester is a co-founder of AIM Yoga. He is trained under Ana Forrest and alongside with other Forrest Yoga guardians over these years. He is trained and certified as a Bodyworker. His gift is to hold and create a safe space for students to be themselves and practice on the yoga mat at their level.

    When he did not travel around to teach, he will teach his regular class in Fitness First Malaysia. Chester is also one of the senior mentors in the Flow Yoga & Les Mills BodyBalance Malaysia team. His class is safe, fun, grounding and creative; you will fall in love with it.


    1) “Warrior of Light” (All Level Practitioners) 

    In this 90-minutes FORREST YOGA class with Nick & Chester, there will share and guide you on how to step into a warrior to work inwards on tracking inside our body that store dull, anger, negativity, toxicity emotions that you’ve been keeping or telling yourself over and over again.you will fall in love with this. This session will take your practice to a new sense of feeling strong and confident.

    This 90-minutes is suitable for ALL LEVEL ; beginner friendly to advanced practitioner. Please bring your 1x Yoga Block & 1x Big Bath Towel

    2) Design your energy with Forrest Yoga practice

    Are you constantly feeling anxious, low energy and running in high stress due to the pace of our current modern living. These stress levels and causes our bodies to be stiff and generally unhealthy. The body also harbors the lasting effects of negative experiences like pain, fear, and loss within its cell tissue. In this FORREST YOGA class with Nick & Chester, you will experience how this class can cleanse, purify and increase your energy level inside out. Wash away tension and clear internal blockages.

    This 90-minutes is suitable for ALL LEVEL; beginner-friendly to advanced practitioner. Please bring your 1x Yoga Block & 1x Big Bath Towel

    Alsu Kashapova
    Alsu Kashapova
    Breathwork Coach

    Alsu is a Certified Breathwork Instructor (Conscious breathing, Rebirth breathing). She is certified through the International Centre of Conscious Breathing. She is also an Instructor for Becoming Extraordinary by Mindvalley. When Alsu was 15-years old, she was organising personal growth festivals for teenagers in Russia and leadership programs with the Ministry of Education by the age of 20. Currently, she is Head of Products in Mindvalley, and also a Breathwork instructor.

    She focuses on teaching people about their breath and its power, so they can use it as a practical tool to use in different situations in daily life – for relaxation, stress-management, energy boost, healing, boosting immune system.

    Alsu has conducted sessions around the world – at Mindvalley University in Estonia, Mastermind in Thailand, Summit in Georgia, Lifeplugin in India; for employees of organisations like MAKNA (Malaysia).


    1) Breathwork to Elevate your daily life

    This is a session that will take you on a transformational experience of Breathwork, learning practical tools to improve your life on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels just with YOUR BREATH!

    Learn 7 Simple Effective practices that you can use anytime to:

    * Deal with stress

    * Boost energy on demand

    * Manage your emotions

    * Connect deeper to yourself

    * Calm and relax

    * Improve your immune system

    2) Breathwork for anxiety relief and energy boosting

    Benefits of Breathwork:

    1) (Energy, Performance) Get more energy for your Performance, Manifestation, Creativity

    2)(Health, Immune system) Boost your Immune System, Increase lungs capacity, natural vitamins and food for cells

    3)(Relaxation and Sleep) Relaxation and Sleep easily

    4) (Stress and Emotions) Stress Relief and Dealing with emotions, calm nervous system

    5) (Healing, therapeutic) Heal yourself, create a deeper connection with yourself

    Hansen Lee
    Hansen Lee
    Movement Coach

    Hansen Lee is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Lifestyle Weight Management Consultant (ACE), certified Yoga teacher as well as a movement Coach with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, specializing in strength and conditioning, weight loss, nutrition, and stress management.

    Over the last decade, Hansen has learned from some of the best teachers around: Dice and Briohny, Brian Miller, David Robson, Dylan Werner, Anna Sugarman, just to name a few. Hansen received his teacher training (TTC 250) from Yogacharya Bharath Shetty in Mysore, India. He currently teaches Hatha yoga, Hatha Vinyasa and Power yoga.


    1) Movement and Play

    Movement is in our DNA: In this class, you will be experiencing what it means to move like an ommosapien! Immerse yourself in contact improvisations and situational games, kinda like how we did when we were kids. Get ready to stretch, flex, crawl, invert and explore movement patterns that will challenge the mind and body.  

    Benefits: What does it mean to be human? How do we inhabit this vessel called the body and truly live life to the fullest? All this is explored creatively through movement, engagement, interaction and play with other fellow human beings. The experience of it will leave you feeling more freedom in your body, more awareness of your movement and more youthful through connection to your inner child!

    2) Locomotion conditioning -an introduction to improvisational movement flow

    A challenging yet fun approach to fitness that has been popularized through the Ido Portal Method. It incorporates elements of capoeira, martial arts, parkour, and animal-inspired movements.  

    Benefits: Its great cardio, building up overall body strength and endurance while cultivating focus and mindfulness. For a beginner, it will start as just a workout, but as your movement intelligence and movement vocabulary increases, it will also serve as a form of physical expression.

    Claudia Gallo
    Claudia Gallo
    Goddess Awakening/Empowerment

    Originally from Costa Rica, Claudia has spent the last ten years travelling and working around the world. After four years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has now become her second home, becoming The Flow’s resident Yoga Instructor.

    Claudia did her first 200 hrs Teacher training in India at Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2011 and her 300 hrs was completed in 2017 in New York at Yoga Works. She has deepened her practice traveling around Southeast Asia, USA and AUS, taking workshops and other training constantly. She also has a vast interest in healing and restorative practices, which makes her a well-rounded teacher that understands both the Yin & the Yang.


    1) Goddess Awakening 

    The “Goddess Awakening” is the power of all the feminine aspects you naturally possess, but in our busy lives, this power can become tucked away and forgotten about. This workshop is your chance to reconnect and understand your natural cycles & the elements within you, and with it understand the superpowers you possess. We will discuss in a safe space what is missing in your life right now? Which aspects of your Goddess need to be reawakened? What changes can you make to start living the life you truly desire? Being part of a red tent circle gives you an understanding and connection back to the divine feminine and your body’s treasures, the power of your mind, your heart’s capabilities and mysteries of your spirit.

    2) Goddess Flow

    Claudia will be guiding you through a Goddess Flow. This will be an empowering and balancing vinyasa yoga session that flows with grace to regain your will power, release any stagnant energies and move forward with confidence and purpose as you tune into your body, breath, and creative movements.

    Costa Rica
    Atilia Haron
    Atilia Haron
    Power Ladder

    Atilia is a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) and the founder of the Yogaonethatiwant (YOTIW) chain of yoga studios spanning various locations in Malaysia. She is also a brand ambassador for Under Armour.

    Her yoga style has its roots in Vikasa Yoga and she mixes it up with power flows and a good measure of her own personal style. Always seen with a huge smile on her face and an infectious passion for all things yoga, this fun-loving yogi’s journey started on a far less happy note. Plagued with chronic back pains and shortness of breath, Atilia turned to yoga for an answer to her mounting health problems.

    She discovered that yoga had the ability to greatly reduce anxiety and improve breathing, which in turn proved invaluable in her singing career. Yoga also helped to improve her overall fitness and mental strength, enabling her to remain energised and focused in spite of her hectic schedule.

    In 2018, she was given the award ‘Yogi of the Year 2018’ by Yoga Journal Singapore. Yoga Journal believe that Atilia has played an impactful role in influencing many individuals regardless of race and religion to open their minds to practice yoga and reap its physical and mental benefits

    In addition to her yoga empire, Atilia is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and recording artiste. She has made appearances at major events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos and the US-Asean Summit Gala Dinner, performing for world leaders and luminaries.


    1) Ladder Flow (Sunday Only)

    Each class begins by stacking a few postures one after another, to create a Ladder Flow. After repeating those postures a few times, we add more and build complexity into our sequence. We will continue this method for 30 minutes, at the end of which you’ll have practiced a wide variety of poses, memorized a full flow and gotten a great workout! These sequences link breath and movement, helping you clear your mind, build internal heat and challenge your entire body!

    Amanda Koh
    Amanda Koh
    Kalari Yoga

    Amanda Koh is an E-RYT500 YACEP international yoga teacher based in Singapore. She teaches yoga and movement from the unique interface of the Mindful Mobility and Functional Flexibility (MMFF) syllabus that she has created over the last decade, and has taught workshops and teacher trainings in Australia, North America, and her home region of SouthEast Asia. Her Kalari Yoga sessions are a fluid, non-traditional movement-based vinyasa that is inclusive to yoga practitioners of all levels, which enables the eccentric strengthening of the body’s core stabilizer muscles, creating an increased range of motion through mobility, freedom from tension and gracefulness in strength.


    1) (With LIVE Music by DJ Crisanto Santa Ana)

    Kalari Yoga Fire and Ferocity Flow

    An energetic fluid vinyasa and movement practice celebrating the fire within us, igniting our prana and deepening our connection to the Spirit within. Moving to the hypnotic ambient beats of DJ Crisanto, this is an experience not to be missed. Suitable for yogis of all levels who are inspired to let their bodies connect to yoga and movement in a whole new way.

    2) Deep Hip Opening Workshop

    Learn safe, effective and enabling techniques to achieve significantly deeper hip opening range of motion to access the plethora of intermediate and advanced level yoga asana that require a practitioner to be able to maintain strength at the end range of their flexibility. Understand techniques to hold your hip and lumbar alignment in place so as to access a deeper range of motion. Suitable for experienced yoga practitioners looking to take their existing practice further.

    RedNose Arts
    RedNose Arts

    RedNose Arts is a brainchild of 4 sisters -Sonia, Smita, Tina & Neesha, who have trained in dance, theater, and music over the last 15 years.

    The foundation is simple – to SPREAD, SHARE and CREATE HAPPINESS through MUSIC & DANCE.

    Ultimately, the vision is to create a community where people feel happy, feel free and are inspired to be creative. A safe space to discover, grow and even challenge one’s self-through dance and music.

    Bollywood Workshops:

    1) Fit and Fun Merry-Go-Round -Bollywood Style

    Just like the merry go round. You keep going in circles, but it’s exhilarating, fun, filled with joy and laughter. Here is a fitness session taking your everyday exercise routine and mixing it with dance and merry-go-round movements. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit while bringing out the inner child in you!

    2) Bollydreams

    Lie still. Then crawl. Find your steps to walk. Walk faster. Run. Discover. Create. Dance. Dream!  

    A dance journey that starts with you dreaming, then moving through your chosen path, pushing past obstacles and thereafter dancing in the joy of achieving your dreams.

    Feel your body and dance to Bollywood tunes that make you smile, relax and finally jump up with joy! A dance session not to be missed.

    Bollydreams! A love story with yourself.

    Astri & Caspian
    Astri & Caspian
    Acro Yoga

    Astri and Caspian are two of the founding members of Acrospirit, an Acroyoga performance and teaching troupe. Their aim is to spread the beautiful practice that is Acroyoga through flowing graceful performances, and fun accessible teaching methods.

    They specialize in L-base acroflows and washing machines, and give plenty of attention and focus to the subtleties of Acroyoga such as trust, connection, communication and fun as they believe these are the most critical attributes to becoming great Acroyogis!


    Astri is a Balinese yoga teacher, with a background in Balinese dance.

    She has many years of experience practicing and teaching various styles of yoga, and has completed training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapy and Acroyoga, amassing over 500 hours of teacher training.

    Through teaching and Acroyoga practices she has delivered powerful teaching plans that support and benefit each and every student. Bringing forth a love and respect for the art of yoga, and all that it encompasses and always happy to share her practice with anyone she meets.


    Caspian comes from a martial arts background and studied traditional yoga in Rishikesh, India before travelling around Asia to share his practice, deepen his knowledge and learn new yoga styles such as acroyoga.

    He brings positive energy, enthusiasm and a lot of focus to his acroyoga practice and teachings, and especially enjoys introducing beginners to the practice of acroyoga.

    AcroYoga Workshops:

    1. Learn to Fly
      • Introduction to static Acroyoga postures
      • 2 hour Acroyoga Solar workshop
      • Partner Warm up exercises, games and community practice
      • Detailed Instruction for a range of beginners static postures
      • Short Lunar Thai Massage cool down
    2. Learn to Transition
      • Learning to move between static Acroyoga Postures
      • 2 hour Acroyoga Solar workshop
      • Partner Warm up exercises, games and community practice
      • Detailed Instruction for transitions between the static postures covered in Learn to Fly
      • Short Lunar Thai Massage cool down
    Indonesia / UK
    Sarah Low
    Sarah Low

    Sarah started her practice from yoga, through her journey she discovered the practice of Pilates. After practicing Pilates she realized her posture improved, the aches in the body is gone, and she saw significant improvement in toning and shaping the body without any additional bulk. Even now when she practice yoga, she incorporates the Pilates principles into the practice and into her daily lifestyle


    1) Booty Pilates

    Sculpt your bum with a controlled sequence of Pilates exercise. That targets on lifting and firming the gluteus as well as slimming down the legs.

    2)Mat Pilates

    Work on balancing all muscles groups strength and flexibility, with the emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Practice in a sequence where you can sculpt your body and to feel increases agility in your everyday movement.

    Joann Ong
    Joann Ong
    Acqua Kriya Yoga

    Joann has practiced under the guidance of Camella Nair and Tymi Howard.

    She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Vyin Yang, Myofascial Release and Aqua Yoga Therapy in Singapore. Her classes are inclusive, enabling and celebrating freedom with ease of movement. Joann’s yoga journey has enabled her to heal and find joy, which she now shares with my students to open their hearts to self-love and compassion.

    She has been privileged to be one of the headline presenters for Flourish Yoga Festival, returning to Perth for a second time this year.

    This year at MURFEST, Joann is getting everyone wet and relaxed! Join her Aqua sessions for a unique yoga experience.


    1) Aqua Freedom Flow

    Vinyasa flow focuses on heart and hip opening, incorporating strength, balance, breath with controlled movement to find freedom and grace within. The transition between poses through the connections with your breath enliven that inner strength in you, releasing that repressed emotional or physical tension in your body. An approach to harmonize buoyancy and gravitational force as you dance to the rhythm of the heart. The weightless environment induce calming and openness to the state of mind, rediscover freedom in movement.

    Practitioners who are familiar with yoga asanas are most suitable for this experience.

    2) Aqua Power of stillness

    The calming effect of water brings a deeper connection to your mind and body, with no stress on joints making water yoga accessible to everybody.

    Longer held poses to focus on balancing, body awareness, find stillness and tranquillity state of mind in water, quieting the mind and soothing the nervous system.

    Suitable for all levels

    Dr. Sujata Singhi
    Dr. Sujata Singhi
    Sound Healing

    Author of the International bestseller book, “Power of Sound”, Dr. Sujata Singhi, holds a Doctorate in Life Skill Education with specialization in NLP and Sound Therapy and Wellness.

    Founder of Divine Soul Sound, Dr. Sujata Singhi has been honored with 2 more doctorates for her research and service to mankind by the Universities recognized by GOI and the United Nations. She has researched and founded a new technique for emotion well-being called MERT-Music and Emotion Release Technique. The research was conducted in different countries and has won her the doctorate in MERT. She was also named as the “Miracle Lady” by the staff of the prestigious St. Andrew’s Hospital in Singapore and the Elite Pantai Hospital in KL, Malaysia as the “Miracle Doctor” for the miracles created by sound and MERT on the patients who were cases of extreme physical distress.


    Understanding Chakras

    Concept, importance, effects on the body-mind-spirit.

    Chakras are the portals between the physical and spiritual planes and they offer unparalleled opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. Dr. Sujata Singhi in her best seller book, “Power of Sound” has laid much emphasis on the importance of the chakra system. In the master class, you will learn to explore the whole new world of chakras as used in the ancient Vedic times and how it holds good in the modern scientific world too. How to create awareness, acceptance and take action on healing your chakras through Himalayan singing bowls, nature sound, voice, music, dance, chanting, breathwork, and specific meditations. This process will help gain spiritual wisdom, better health, relationships, enhanced creativity, and creating the life of your dreams.


    1) Sound, Music and Dance Therapy

    You will be able to:

    Activate your own healing mechanism. Practice mindfulness and enhance meditative abilities. Enhance the ability to be non-judgemental, understand your strengths and abilities.

    2) Sound and Voice, Drumming Trance Meditation

    Set in the stage to awaken your senses and heal your chakras by the action of drumming along with soul voice activities. Emerge from being lonely and isolated to building and leading a community. In this therapy, various drumming methods with voice will be used to awaken your spirit as you emerge in the sounds of the drums you play and lead.

    Helps address addiction, mood disorders, trauma, and other life circumstances and makes one more social. Improve your life as you have fun too!

    Dr. Andrea Paige
    Dr. Andrea Paige

    Dr. Andrea Paige, ND is a master of lifestyle medicine. A seasoned Naturopath and Medical Astrologer, Andrea travels the world empowering people to take their health back into their own hands. In advanced yoga teacher trainings and workshops, Andrea hacks into the physiological benefits of the advanced yogic practices. She makes the cosmic worldview accessible to modern man. Spring boarding beyond her Yoga/Health career, “AndiX” is currently working in BioData Feedback and ethics in the world of Artificial Intelligence.


    HEALTH UNEARTHED: Epigenetics, The Microbiome & Your Future

    (Lecture/discussion, best placed after lunch)

    Genetics plays only 1% in our future fate of disease. Our health is in our hands: what we eat, drink and think. The science of epigenetics has shown us that it is indeed nurtured, not nature, that actualizes our life. Our bacterial balance is perhaps our #1 priority to boost our immunity and stay overall balanced: in brain and body. The microbiome holds the key to unlock a solid health future. Show up here to get free recipes for success.


    1) Emotional Intelligence 101

    The most sought-after soft skill at home and in the office. What can Yoga teach us about asking the right questions in our lives and showing up fully. Join in a structured workshop and take home practical skills in communication and self-awareness that will serve you a lifetime.

    2) The Yoga of Our Mind… Astrology & Psychosomatics

    Illness begins and ends in the mind. The practice of meditation is our gateway to supervise this world of ideas and stories. Learn to realize thought-patterns. Permit yourself to express what innately wants to come through. Health will effortlessly come and disease will stay at bay. Bring your birth date and exact time to this lecture if you would like to be part of a demonstration.

    Amar & Prabha
    Amar & Prabha
    Afro Cuban Introduction / Reggaeton


    Amar is the founder, instructor, and choreographer at Dance Blaze Academy. His one mission is to spread the joy of dance not just across Malaysia but the rest of the world.

    Amar’s early experience in the performing art of dance commenced in the non-Latin genres of Bhangra and Hip hop.

    Amar started teaching Cuban Salsa and Bachata in 2005 and has been adding on different dances to his repertoire with Dominican Bachata, Reggaeton, Afro Cuban dances, and his famous Body Movement Classes.

    A crowd favorite in the Malaysian social salsa circuit, Amar continues to wow the masses with his freestyle and groovy dance moves.

    Over the years Amar has not just been recognized as a leading figure in the Malaysian dance industry but highly sought after internationally as well with his performing and teaching tours all the way across South East Asia, Germany, Holland, UK, Japan, and India.

    His outlook towards dance has evolved as he draws a parallel between life relationships and dance. Enriching different aspects of one’s life.

    A genuine desire to see individuals grow not just as better dancers but as better individuals through this parallel has made him one of the most respected and sought-after instructors and dancers.


    A graceful dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music and creative ability to express through music.

    Currently attached with Dance Blaze Academy alongside Amar Singh teaching salsa, bachata, reggaeton, afro Cuban rumba, and Ladies Styling.


    1) Afro Cuban Introduction

    Afro Cuban dance originated in west Africa and was introduced to Cuba.The dance has different elements of the orishas(deities). They rule over the forces of nature and the endeavors of humanity.

    You will learn the origin, history, and culture of the dance in this authentic workshop.

    2) Reggaeton

    Reggaeton is a spicy, sexy hot Latin dance with music roots of Jamaican reggae, hip hop, and salsa. It involves a lot of chest, hip and shoulder movements.

    In this class, you can expect to learn the isolations, body control, and musicality that is the essence of this sexy and fun dance.

    The chest pumping, body rolls, and hip rotation is going to let you loose and inject lots of fun into your life.

    Shervin Boloorian
    Shervin Boloorian
    Sound Healing

    Shervin Boloorian, is a celebrated vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, who graduated from the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement in 2011.

    He has been one of MURFEST’S pioneer teachers, coming back year after year to share his passion for music and healing. Be prepared for a transformational journey through sound, with talented Shervin!


    Voice, Sound and the Energy Centers

    Explore the different therapeutic properties of authentic voice expression and how certain instruments can complement and empower the voice to support all three major energy centers of the body. This workshop will provide you with knowledge, techniques, and confidence to share your authentic voice’s healing potential. The experience includes interactive voice exercises, group chanting, and a short Sound Journey.


    1) Sufi Whirling Workshop

    Soften and expand your heart like never before with a Persian-Sufi inspired mystical journey into Rumi’s world of sound vibration and a deep exploration of love’s hidden secrets.

    Live music and euphoric rhythm accompany a gentle conscious movement ceremony followed by ancient Zikr (Sufi mantra) teachings. To add another dimension to this heart nourishing workshop, guests will then be invited to lay back and receive a meditative sound journey with Middle Eastern and Western meditation instruments such as Egyptian Ney Flute, Frame Drum, strings, crystal bowls, bells, gongs, chimes and Tibetan bowls, woven in with traditional Sufi healing songs and texts in authentic Persian.


    “During the Sufi dance, I felt vulnerable and grateful for myself; something opened and released in my chest and I could move on in my life. I felt safe and held and one with humanity. I experienced a deep remembering in my body: something ancient, beautiful, and magical.” – K. Mezosi (Educator, Malaysia)

    2) Dreamtime Sacred Songs and Healing Sounds ceremony and workshop

    A piece of special live music and sound healing presentation with Bali’s most celebrated sound therapy practitioner; includes ceremonial chants and a powerful blend of heart songs, shamanic sounds and celestial vibrations. Some of the instruments include Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoo, strings, Shaman Drum, Meditation Chimes, Prayer Flute and more. Healing music and chants from Native American, Amazonian, Persian Sufi, Balinese, Yoruban, and/or Vedic Indian traditions are woven into the experience to send you on a healing sacred world music journey

    Pranic Healing/Relationship Expert

    Hengameh is an architect, writer and overall lover of imagination, philosophy and wholesome living. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and Feng Shui and is a Pranic Healing trainer. She has been practicing meditation and healing for more than a decade now and has conducted classes and talks in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines till date.

    Hengameh is passionate about meditation, reflection, and holistic therapy and believes they can bring quality, joy, and simplicity back into our modern life. She is the co-founder of Prana World and author of several self-development books. She also writes in various well-known self-motivational websites and magazines, including the Institute for Inner Studies, Body Mind Soul, Life Hack and Pick the Brain.


    1) Relationship Healing: The Energy Approach:

    “When two people interact closely, there is friction. The lubricant is Love – in the form of Loving Thoughts, Loving Feelings, Loving Words, and Loving Actions.” Master Choa Kok Sui

    Relationship seminar is designed based on the science of energy that deals with our thoughts and emotions. It aims is to introduce the different levels of a relationship, discuss the different forms of Soul Mates, and study the major problems that often occur in various relationships, be it with your spouse, in your family or at work.

    It then provides solutions to improve relationships and bring much love, harmony, and understanding among family members, friends, and co-workers.

    Good relationship is one of the most valuable assets in life. Just as a good relationship can improve all the aspects of our life and bring good health, happiness and peace of mind, a difficult relationship can be a tremendous drain.

    It is, therefore, necessary to take care of our relationships and look at them as an investment to achieve greater happiness in life.

    2) How to Stop Unwanted Repeated Patterns:

    Have you ever wondered why certain repeated patterns happen in your life? – from repeated disagreements at work to attracting a similar type of partner that usually ends in a break-up.

    Well, you are not alone! Everyone experiences such repeated unpleasant event!

    But, what are all these repeated patterns all about?

    How can we stop them from happening?

    Are they connected to karma? Are the lessons to learn? Are they just a coincidence?

    All of these questions can be answered if you study the subject of subtle energy and the universal laws. These sessions can help you identify such patterns and carefully remove them from your system so you can lead a healthy & happy life.

    Geeta Lachmandas
    Geeta Lachmandas
    Nutritionist/Wellness Coach

    Geeta is a chef, certified holistic health & Wellness coach , vedic meditation instructor, cancer survivor & international speaker on a mission to inspire people , especially women feel their own greatness, feel connected & empowered and to remember that anything is possible at any age. Her life’s work is about creating structure around easy going practises that can help people dissolve stress, gain physical & emotional strength & radiate awesomeness into the world. When you feel your best the world becomes a beautiful place & her mission is to help peope feel fantastic.


    1) The Power of Self Compassion in Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts & Emotions.

    The psychological benefits of mindfulness meditation are well established. Yet for people who struggle with difficult emotions like anxiety, guilt, anger, loneliness, sadness, or low self-esteem, mindfulness practices can be enhanced by adding a simple yet powerful ingredient: self-compassion. Without it, we all too often respond to emotional suffering with self-criticism, shame or defensiveness. This talk will illuminate the nature of self-compassion and offer easy-to-follow, steps for incorporating this into our daily life. Practical examples and innovative exercises and techniques make this an ideal introduction for those who are new to mindfulness or want to bring an important new dimension to their meditation practice.

    2) Fermented Foods and How they can help Autism

    Today in the health & wellness world we are facing a crisis in 2 major areas. One is the escalation of Autism Spectrum Disorders in children worldwide & the other is the problem of gut Dysbiosis i.e. the increasing deterioration of our gut health resulting in the uptrend of chronic diseases like Chrones IBS , type 2 Diabetes & many others. At first glance these conditions may look seemingly unrelated but with regard to children there is now rising scientific & anecdotal evidence to show that autism spectrum disorders in children although a neuro-developmental brain disorder could also be caused by an imbalanced bacterial ecosystem within the digestive tract of the child . This is a fairly new area of research but what has clearly been found to help children with this condition is the inclusion of fermented foods into their diet.

    This talk is focused on looking at what exactly is the process of fermentation , how to do it , why it helps & the types of fermented & cultured foods & drinks that we can do ourselves at home to help our children who are suffering from this. This is a basic introduction , simple demonstration of how to make some easy ferments & samples to try.

    Jada Jane and Yiannis Thrasyvoulou
    Jada Jane and Yiannis Thrasyvoulou
    5 Rhythms

    Jada Jane, also known as JJ, has worked in the financial industry as an Oil Broker and Bonds Broker over 15 years, quit her corporate life back in July 2015 and has been living between Singapore and Bali; Ubud. She is an Ashtanga practitioner for 13 years which keeps her grounded and has since from the practice developed a discipline in life for showing up fully whether on or off the mat. She is a dancer at heart, a dancer in life where she is continuously exploring and experiencing her essential self through connecting with people around her. In the often moments of solitude; she is diving into the stillness of just Being and living a simplistic life. It is her inspiration to share with people the holistic healing of the Body; Mind; & Spirit through movement meditation. She has travelled to USA, Europe, and Australia in the last 3.5 years intensely dancing in different 5Rhythms workshops to be a fully certified 5Rhythms Waves facilitator. She currently teaches in Ubud and Singapore for 5Rhythms Waves classes.

    What is 5Rhythms?

    5Rhythms transcends dance. The movement is the medicine, the meditation and the metaphor. Together we peel back layers, lay masks down, and dance till we disappear…Only to rediscover ourselves through it all.

    Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective and dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself.

    Each rhythm is interpreted by individuals in a uniquely personal way, opening them to a new sense of freedom and possibility that is both surprising and healing, exhilarating as well as deeply restorative. It is, in essence, “exercise for the right brain.” When we practice 5Rhythms, we learn to creatively express aggressiveness and vulnerability, emotions and anxieties, edges and ecstasies. It reconnects us to cycles of birth & death and hooks us into humanity and the spirit of all living things.


    5Rhythms® Back to Basics Waves

    In this session we will explore the fundamentals of the 5Rhythms coming back to the basics of connecting with the earth (FLOWING) through our feet; drawing energy to our hips expressing ourselves (STACCATO) in our fire through the beating of our hearts carrying the message outwardly from our hands: extending to the big unknown of ourselves letting go of our control and beliefs by allowing the shoulders and head to loosen up in (CHAOS) surrendering deep into the ocean of trust: shape shifting ourselves from our stories to the creator of who are meant to be here sharing our gifts and light (LYRICAL) and finally coming home to what IS, integration of all these rhythms inside and outside of us. We are not separated from all but One with (STILLNESS).

    To understand better these rhythms and the elements that are inherent in us as well as in nature, through moving our physical body connecting within our inner truth of what’s happening in the moment and allowing it space to expressing it out in our dance. We will use the gateways for each rhythm to help us to loosen up the body by working through different parts of our body.

    This is a free-styled dance where there are no steps to follow, but a dance that is awaiting for you to create your very own unique expressions connecting you to your mind, body, and spirit. https://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Jada+Jane+Boh

    Yiannis Thrasyvoulou

    Yiannis teaches movement as spiritual practice.

    He has been deeply humbled, broken open and woven back together again by the dance enough times to be able to hold space for others to do the same.

    He wholeheartedly believes in the power of movement as a way of reminding us of our true essence: that we are all creative, wild and free and have a huge capacity to love and be loved.

    Yiannis has been dancing 5Rhythms for 10 years and feels called to be in loving service of others on their movement path of self-discovery.

    Yiannis is a certified 5Rhythms teacher, holds a degree in creative arts therapies and has experience working in mental health and healthcare setting with both adults and children.


    Spirit Waves

    Taking into the whole structure of the 5rhythms that make up a Wave, this workshop is simply dropping into listening to the body and move with the carefully curated playlist of music that enables dancers to move in their own expressions.

    There will be partner or group exercises in this session as every rhythms will be verbally guided throughout the 2 hrs dance journey.

    ~Flowing invites us to into our feminine essence, to release our feet into fluid motion and arrive in the physicality of the body.

    ~Staccato invites us into our masculine essence, to release our hips and connect to heart, fire and life force energy.

    ~Chaos invites us into our adolescent essence, to release our head and connect to the part of us that wants to surrender, be wild and be free.

    ~Lyrical invites us into our mature essence, to release our hands connect to the part of us that is generous, playful and creative.

    ~Stillness invites us into our compassionate essence of our spiritual essence, to breathe deep and breathe more.

    Rather than having steps to follow, each rhythm is a different energy field in which you find your own expression. All ages, sizes are welcome and no experience is necessary to attend this session.

    Marie-Pierre Gay
    Marie-Pierre Gay
    Tantra Healing/Relationship Expert

    Marie Pierre Gay is a Kinesiologist, Yoga teacher and human empowerment advocate.

    She holds the space to activate remembrance of ancient wisdom, bringing them back in the here and now. Through sacred rituals, movement, touch, breathwork and voice activation she brings us into our own sacred space, to raise and shine our powerful, wise and true presence.


    Tantra is an Art of connection and remembrance. And the first connection is with ourselves.

    Tantra is how we, as human beings, are relating to Life. How we are relating to Ourselves.

    It brings us back into this intimate connection to who we are, through our feelings, emotions, our physical body, re-connecting our deep and raw nature, in all its manifestations, bringing this awareness of Life and its manifestation inside and outside.

    During this class you will experience rituals to enter your inner sacred Temple, through guided meditation, breathwork, voice activation, embodied movement and yoga.

    This workshop is open to all ages, races, genders, beliefs or level of experience.

    The practices are done clothes on, individually, in groups and in pairs.


    Intimacy Begins With Oneself

    We often look outwards for the answer to our relationship “issues” or challenges. This workshop will guide you to a deeper understanding, connection and intimacy with yourself, so that from a place of Self-Love, you area able to grow in your relationships with others and be of service and love.


    1) Original Tantra | Authentic relating

    Be true to yourself, true to others.

    During this workshop we’ll learn to express our full YES or NO through guided playful practices, honoring our most subtle boundaries, using many ways of expression: voice, words, movement, energy.

    To bring more subtleness in our relations, to ourselves, then to others, especially our close ones.

    We’ll embody some practices to recognise the others as a mirror, connect and heal our inner man, woman, and child.

    This workshop is open to all ages, races, genders, beliefs or level of experience.

    The practices are done clothes on, individually, in groups and in pairs.

    2) Original Tantra | Women Temple /Red Tent (Women only)

    As women, we hold the Key of Life.

    Whatever our social, family, cultural or professional situation, our conscious presence is the key to activate our full feminine power, to allow our instinctive presence to awake, raise and spread.

    By opening this space we activate remembrance of ancient wisdom, bringing them back in the here and now. Through sacred rituals, embodied movement, touch, breathwork and voice activation we’ll drop into our inner sacred space, to raise and shine our powerful, wise and true presence.

    This workshop is open to women to all ages, races, beliefs or levels of experience.

    Jia Wen & Friends
    Jia Wen & Friends

    Jia Wen has been singing spiritual songs as a way of connecting to spirit and soul since 2013 when she discovered Kirtan and heart songs whilst living in Ubud, Bali. You can find her online as SacredHeartMantras on Instagram and YouTube. She has played with musicians including Kevin James Carroll, Rob Weber, Jonas Westring and Christian Wenkoff.


    1) Singing Meditation

    Singing as a meditation can bring you deeper into your body, balance your energy and vibrate your cells into a state of freedom. No musical or singing background is necessary, as we create a safe space for you to open and loosen up your throat chakra.

    2) Kirtan with Jia Wen & Friends

    All roads lead to love and the heart. Come and sing your heart out, with Jia Wen, Tianna, Mindy, Ethel, Prabh Lahari and more as we sit in a circle and sing songs from various spiritual paths.

    Gaithri Selvarajah
    Gaithri Selvarajah
    Energy Healer

    Gaithri Selvarajah is a lightworker, energy healer, soul therapist and author. Guided by her own journey into spirituality since 2009 and her certifications as an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, International Hatha Yoga Instructor (for kids and adults), Ayurveda Massage Therapist and as a Womb Keeper of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki, she recently founded Love & Light Unity Global, a healing studio providing variety of energy therapies and alternative healing modalities for the Body, Mind and Soul.

    A strong believer in the power of the self, mindfulness and energy healing, she runs private sessions and mini workshops/circles and hopes to inspire more people to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and live life to their fullest.

    Gaithri is also a published author of Doodle Journal – Journey to Self-Discovery (by Akasaa Publishing), an intuitive journal that heals and reconnects readers with themselves, reviving the significance of the Self and the Inner Child. The book is available online at www.akasaa.com/shop and www.amazon.com.

    When she is not working, Gaithri spends precious time creating memories with her Little Master, her young son who has taught her that life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously.


    1) Energy EFT

    Abundance and You – Connecting to your inner essence of abundance with Energy EFT.

    Abundance is a word that has been commonly misused and misunderstood. Using a simple modern energy technique called Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), we will tap on our own energy points in the body to access our inner state of abundance and learn how to use this simple technique in our daily life.

    2) Rite of the Womb Ceremony

    The Rite of the Womb is a very powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative center. The Rite of the Womb is a blessing of the Womb, our sacred place of creation.

    Many women are still carrying the pain and resentment of their mothers, grandmothers and female ancestors. Some feel the wounds of past life or had traumatic experiences in this lifetime that block their joy and happiness and prevent them from connecting with their feminine power. The healing energy of this blessing will reactivate your feminine power.

    This lineage of women, through the jungle medicine, has given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. Once you receive it, you can share it with as many women as possible.

    Let’s heal our womb; let’s heal our mother’s, sister’s, and daughter’s wombs. And in this way bring healing to our Mother Earth.

    Sunil Hasmukharay
    Sunil Hasmukharay

    Sunil Hasmukharay is an international speaker since the tender age of 17, Master Trainer, Certified Solution Focused Coach, and Strategic Consultant over close to a decade. Sunil is regarded as a strategist and thought-leader in developing Solution Focused and Strength-Based leaders, shaping talents and empowering the workforce, driving high performance and shaping organization performance through effective KPIs in corporate organizations, government and non- government agencies, educational institutions, both locally and internationally. He brings with him a wealth of experience in leadership, management, governance and projects which he gained while working for more than 10 years with PETRONAS, the national oil & gas and a fortune 500 company.


    1) Discover Your Ikigai

    Your passions unlock the key to your happiness, your excitement, your fulfillment, your talents, and your success. If you embraced your passions you would:  

    ✓ Feel inspired with life 

    ✓ Know what makes you feel alive 

    ✓ Know what fulfills you at your core 

    ✓ Feel excited to get up in the morning

    But you see, many of us have forgotten our passions—they got pushed aside by our “shoulds” and obligations. In this program, I’m going to help you realign with what you love, what feeds you, and what inspires you so you can live a life of purpose!  

    You want to honor your desire to serve life. You long to heed the voice within that encourages you to take up work of vital importance. You want to pay tribute to grand plans, living from passion and making a real difference.

    Imagine a life where you are sharing your greatest gifts, being part of a generation of purpose-driven change agents, artists and leaders, and meaningfully moving humanity forward. Imagine living your purpose every day and being richly rewarded for the privilege. Imagine being part of a world-wide peer group, working together to create a more purposeful, just, sustainable, and peaceful human presence on earth.


    Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” The word “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.  


    At the end of this workshop, it is our best hope you will be able to : 1. Reflect on the bigger purpose of your life

    1. Apply the 4 steps to discovering your IKIGAI
    2. Establish personal goal(s) and action plan moving forward
    Komathy Ganesan-Mogan
    Komathy Ganesan-Mogan
    The White Lotus Gallery Creative Director

    Komathy is a Chanter, Mantra Teacher, Reiki Healer, a self-declared “Keeper of Stones”. Her calling in this lifetime is to guide as many people as possible back to the way of the Earth Mother—using the precious gifts from the womb of Mother Gaia to Heal, to Manifest, to Protect, to Awaken, to Walk the Path. For over 30 years now, Komathy has dabbled with the Alchemy of Stones or what a Psychic has termed for her as “Maniyana”. In the course of her travels through Australia and very extensive travels through the various States of India, she has acquired various types of rocks/stones and knowledge on using these stones. Lately, via her travels and interactions with the ancient Tribals of ODISHA, she has also got to know the art of healing with metals—Copper and Brass. Komathy counsels and heals people with the combination of the power of the Throat Chakra, i.e., the Spoken Word, and stones. Her own experiences with these beautiful beings from the Earth have been her anchor and she speaks authoritatively about them from her own “knowing.” Currently, Komathy designs and hand makes stone and metal jewelry, working out of The WHITE LOTUS GALLERY in Bangsar. This is an initiative started as a means to gather funds for her work with HIV+ children in India, upon retirement from her other “material” endeavors – namely teaching English Literature in University Malaya, Landscape Contracting and setting up The GANGA CAFÉ in Bangsar.



    * Unlearning the hype about Chakras!

    * Understanding the function, position, colors, corresponding organs and corresponding crystals

    * Cleansing and energizing Chakras

    * Importance of the Three Lower Chakras and the process of connecting via crystals and hand positions

    * Brief discussion on crystal pendulums and Chakras

    2) PROXY HEALING for family & friends

    * Choosing the right crystal

    * Correct timing

    * Choosing the most efficient Form /Shape of the crystal – pyramid, pebbles, pencil, terminators.

    Tham Cinyee
    Tham Cinyee
    Wellness Coach/Trainer

    Cinyee, from schooling to the big pharma industry and now turned into full time wellness coach.

    Cinyee believes in balanced Lifestyle is the key to success in weight management. Her 6 years of wellness journey have taught her a sustainable method to keep a lean and tone body via the power of Good Nutrition and most of all is Right Nutrition. Building a right cellular nutrition is the key to success. Once you master that everything else is easy.

    With the love of nature and active lifestyle, her journey has taught her how to balance her Lifestyle without any restrictive eating habits.

    She believes in having a relationship with your own body , mind and soul plays a huge role. With this discovery, she now dedicated her life time help people how to live their life happier, healthier and most of all, taking control of the journey of wellness by themselves.


    1) Sustainable Weight Loss

    Come and have a lovely life changing journey with Coach Cinyee on learning how to have a sustainable weight loss journey with the right breakfast and some light exercise sessions that focus on efficient fat burning movement.

    2) Abs Burn

    Ready to get rid of your belly fat and flatten your tummy out? With the right posture of workout movement, you will improve your core strength and shape up that six-pack! This is an active workshop, please not that loads of fun and sweat will take place!

    Sean Ching
    Sean Ching
    Kinetic Art


    1) Kinetic Art Therapy

    Kinetic Art Therapy is a  holistic ,therapeutic and scientific integration movement art programme. The art therapy approach has been incorporated by the ancient wisdom approach such as yoga, active meditation, nature, body talk movement , pranayama, as well as the contemporary western approach – ART THERAPY, to allow ONESELF to evolve to a betterment of life psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and bodily.

    Benefits in Kinetic Art Therapy:

    • Find out what causes stress and other negative emotions
    • Learn How to De-stress through integration movement to awaken consciousness, five senses, intuition and equilibrium
    • Effective communication with body, mind and soul for well-being
    • Uplift the connectivity of self-love, independence, value, resilience and security in divine feminine energy
    • Rediscover the Inner Child
    • Express the inner beauty
    • connected with our higher self
    • aligned with the equilibrium
    • be flexibly aware of the physical demands

    2) Awakening Divine Feminine Energy Session- “Womb Dance”

    Dancing with our wombs is a spiritual ritual and mantra to allow us to surrender, unlearn, unleash and rediscover the internal potential physically, emotionally, and psychologically, WOMB DANCE has been incorporated the ancient wisdom like Taoism, Shamanism and Yoga to form the integration body talk movement.

    Scientifically, there is a center within the body, known as “Bindu” in tradition, this energy channel is for cultivation of Life – Essence, the designed womb dance movement can bring vitality into strengthening the Bindu, which means it must bring more life to the body, through the process of energy cultivation, therefore, cognitively and physically, which can inspire women to release tension, restore energy at their energy channel with 5 Senses Awakening, Chakras Activation, retune intuition and equilibrium.

    Benefits of Womb Dancing:

    • self-realisation
    • strengthening pelvic
    • boost metabolism
    • improve sleeping quality
    • improve libido
    • improve menstruation
    • balance hormone
    • to view a bigger picture
    Vincent Malherbe
    Vincent Malherbe
    Spiritual Science Research Foundation

    Vincent Malherbe is from Belgium and has been living in Singapore since 2003. His life in Singapore was very busy and fast-paced, trying to balance raising a family and managing a company in a competitive city. Soon after discovering the SSRF website, he started his spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God, personality defect removal and also implemented spiritual healing remedies. In a short time, he experienced a drastic positive change in himself and experienced much better health, a more stable mind and a reduction in overall stress levels. He also effortlessly quit spiritually impure habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating meat shortly after starting spiritual practice. Vincent now conducts spiritual workshops to spread spirituality as his service to society.


    Powerful Spiritual Self-Healing Techniques

    Have you ever experienced problems in life that do not go away despite trying all known solutions and remedies? When such problems do not go away, there is a high chance that these problems have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. If the root cause of the problem is spiritual, then only a spiritual solution will give permanent relief.Through this interactive lecture, we will help you to understand how the spiritual dimension affects every facet of our lives and how doing regular spiritual practice complimented with self-healing techniques will help you overcome many of the problems you are experiencing. Whether the problems are related to physical or mental health, many of them can be alleviated by spiritual healing methods and spiritual practice.With practical demonstrations, videos, and real-life case studies, we will guide you on how to implement 7 powerful spiritual self-healing techniques. These techniques are inexpensive and easy to apply to compliment your current spiritual practice. SSRF encourages self-healing techniques as this enables one to be independent and self-sufficient rather than dependent on others. We welcome you to join us in this spiritual lecture.

    Rodger Roy Joseph
    Rodger Roy Joseph
    Drum Circle

    Roy’s journey in music started since he was 7 years old!. He ventured into drums and to date have been playing for 20 years plus. He learned to play drums in an intention of soon one day he will become a great drummer. Roy used to practice in his church and has time went by he quickly added on verity of drum skill and patterns to his drumming experience.

    Roy started playing for few churches plus youth events. By time he recognized music and drums as his passion and that has made him to take a step ahead of making a change in his journey. He decided to contribute music to the world.

    Going full time in his music has brought out the greatest passion and joy in him. In his classes, he has a combination of all types of age starting from 5 years old till young adult.

    Personally, Roy sees music has a dosage to a patient. Music has its own language and brings our heart and soul to a balance state. He sees music has a great investment in people’s life. It helps cure the broken heart and add passion to the joyful heart. Music helps bring out the best in every individual.


    1) MURFEST’S Grand Drum Circle Finale

    This is a community-based music gathering where a group of people play hand-drums and percussions in a circle. We share music through rhythm and get everyone in tune with each other and themselves. Drum circles can range in size from a handful of participants to as many as possible. The more the merrier! Come play and get jiggy with us! You’ll surely encounter peace, joy and happiness at the end of the show.

    POUND by May
    POUND by May

    May fell in love with POUND at first strike. She quickly signed up for the Instructors’ training and never looked back. She now teaches POUND classes in gyms and fitness studios across Klang Valley. On top of that, she also leads in events to promote (& increase) awareness of POUND, a powerful and fun fitness routine.

    Workshop :

    1) POUND by May

    Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

    Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.

    As a community, we believe that we have the ability to inspire a nation, to turn the fitness world on its head, and to truly find alternative ways to ROCK. We aspire to change minds before bodies and use beat and alternative movement to launch people to new heights of self worth, happiness and human connection. AKA, release their INNER ROCKSTARS.

    + Each 2-4 minute song is carefully calibrated with interval peaks and extended fat burning sequences, providing you with the best workout in the shortest span of time. After you’re done rocking out in a 45-minute POUND class, you’ll have completed up to 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and zipped through more than 70 techniques without even realizing it.

    + Numerous studies have proven the powerful brain-boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming. The rhythm of drumming permeates the entire brain to improve focus, increase higher-level thinking and decision-making skills, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

    + You’ll burn up to 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, stronger physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!

    + You’ll drastically improve your rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and musicality. Instead of counting reps or keeping track of the clock, POUND strategically distracts you from the high-intensity and duration of your workout and shifts your focus to rhythm and volume. This strategic distraction is responsible for the “addictiveness” of POUND – the reason you can’t stay away!

    Keeran D
    Keeran D


    1) Pump Up The Bhangra

    GLO KL- Dance Fitness Party/ Sat: 7pm

    In Malaysia, when the word dhol comes to mind, a constantly smiling, insanely entertaining and exceptionally talented individual comes to mind – Keeran-D. “I didn’t choose the dhol, it chose me” explains Keeran on how it all began. Today, he’s one of the leading dhol players around, having performed alongside renowned local and international artists such as Gurdass Mann, Yo Yo Honey Singh, H-Dhami,Jazzy-B, Master Saleem,, Reshmonu, Sasi the Don,. Considered the best dholplayer in South East Asia, it comes as of no surprise as to how he’s performed in annual music events like the Rainforest Festival (2006), Sunrise Music Festival (2008) and Kaleidoscope in 2009, Sea Games 2017 and Taiwan World Music Festival 2019. Bhangra and Bollywood is one of his main forte and he is sure to make you move your toes. Keeran have previously release a Full Fledge Bhangra Album entitle “Unlimited” which sold almost 10,000 copies nationwide. His recent collaboration with Hitman – The Love Hour Mashup 2019 will take the audience by wave, releasing on all social media platforms.

    Sujata Nandy
    Sujata Nandy

    Having conducted numerous workshops on Goddess Traditions, Tantra, Shamanism, Divine Feminine and Kundalini Awakening, Sujata Nandy is also a blue light healer with the ability to access the wisdom of the Akashic Records. The Founder and Editor of the only Asian yoga magazine in the world, Sujata holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the UK and is also the Founder and the Channel for the Sacred Goddess Oils in the Anghira range. Author of the Sacred Feminine Book , Awakening The Divine Feminine – A Journal to Unleashing your Sacred Feminine Power, Sujata has recently launched her own wisdom school called Sujata Nandy World Gurukul, where she offers first of its kind Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Quantum Children Certification Courses.


    1) Entering The Labyrinth Of The Goddess

    The labyrinth, a three dimensional archetype and metaphor for the journey of life, can take us to the center of ourself and give us a deeper understanding of who we are and what we came here to do. An ancient symbol of the goddess that relates to wholeness, the labyrinth takes us out of our ego into, ” that which lies within, ” and aids in connecting us with the goddess , to banishing all that no longer serves us.

    2) Heal The World Meditation

    10th November 2019

    This meditation delves into the center of our heart-space, to all things mother as well as connecting with Mother Earth, to regaining our sense of balance and our ability to harmonizing everything that has been gifted to us generation after generation. Let us awaken the power of compassion to healing, rejuvenating and repairing our Sacred Mother.

    Angie Chong
    Angie Chong
    Co-Founder & CEO of PURAS

    After going through sets of health issues due to stressful lifestyle, prolonged usage of commercial cosmetic products and pharmaceutical drugs, Angie chanced upon Essential Oils which transformed her life and led to her journey in natural healing.

    Angie believes in living a healthy lifestyle and using non-toxic, non-carcinogenic products for natural healing and beauty.


    1) Calm the Storm

    Join us at Calm The Storm workshop to learn about women’s hormones and how best to ease the storm. Walk away with 2 FREE Hormone-balancing essential oils (Calm The Storm & Ease The Storm EO, worth RM250) with you.

    Calm The Storm & Ease The Storm Hormone-balancing essential oils help to regulate our estrogen and progesterone level thus balance our hormones. Regular usage of essential oils will gradually establish proper hormonal balance.

    Frederique Suriya
    Frederique Suriya

    Frederique Suriya is a certified professional aromatherapist and educator (Member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists – MIFPA). Fascinated by the human psyche and by the power of nature upon human beings, she has been studying, researching and practicing as a therapist for a decade in France and in Malaysia. With the help of aromatic substances, she fosters health enhancement, happiness and success. She knows how to share her love for Truth, Nature and Aromatics with great enthusiasm. By all means she pursues her journey as a curious Wounded Healer…

    Originally from Marseilles – France, she now lives a simple and rich life in a village at the edge of the jungle of Malaysia, and has done so for the past 18 years.

    Most of the time she gives one-to-one consultations and aromatherapy workshops, nevertheless sometimes she likes to participate to meaningful events to share another one of her favourite self-healing tool: the Ajna Light !


    1) Pineal Gland Activation / Light Based Brainwave Entrainment for Visionary Journeys and Spiritual Exploration

    For MURFEST 2019 she offers the Light in a unique group session that will include 21 astonishing minutes of a totally new experience for all participants.

    The Ajna light is a completely immersive experience that invites you to journey and explore your inner consciousness.

    The Ajna Light accelerates the experiences of deep meditation through brainwave entrainment using powerful pulsing lights, stimulating the pineal gland, the portal to higher consciousness & the newest treasure in science. Through a series of altered brainwave states, the Light manifests the inner experiences of the subconscious, bringing a deeply relaxed meditative state.

    Of course, some aromatic stimuli will be added to deepen the experience.

    For those interested but who can’t attend the workshop, you will find her at the Trade show with The White Lotus Gallery booth for individual sessions.

    The Annual Wellness Experience Of A Lifetime

    MURFEST is ASIA’s Premier Wellness & Lifestyle Festival. Entering its 7th year, MURFEST is all about Exploring And Experiencing the best practitioners, yet bringing…in a beautiful Urban and serene setting. Come and practice with the best heart centred yoga teachers in the world, dance to amazing music, play different instruments and sing with professional vocalist whilst still having time for a healthy meal and some dedicated time for therapeutic massages. MURFEST is fully about Community and giving back and we are happy to host volunteers from all around the world offering different gifts of service and gratitude. Our onsite Wellness Exhibition will bring the latest trends in health and beauty, organic and home grown merchandise all under one roof.