Our Mission

    MURFEST’s mission is to help you find your true north — to cultivate your best self.

    We do this by gathering experts, practices, and recipes for living to lead your journey towards a mindful and inspired life.  While there are many paths to true north, we at MURFEST find ours through these five pillars:

    • Promoting Practice. We believe that a personal practice, whether yoga, meditation, or other mindful and focused activity, is critical to maintaining calm, focus and clarity throughout the journey to true north.
    • Fostering Community. We believe that life is best when shared in person – not in front of a screen. Strong communities foster empowered individuals.
    • Acting Sustainably. We believe stewardship of the earth is everyone’s responsibility. We strive to steadily reduce our environmental impact, both as a company and as individuals.
    • Doing Good. MURFEST is a purpose-driven company. We value social good as part of the bottom line, and partner with companies who share our values.
    • Raising Awareness. Many of the great challenges facing us today, from environmental damage to political upheaval, can be improved or solved through mass action. But mass action requires awareness and engagement, so we commit to using the Murfest platform to highlight the most important issues of our time.