Unleash Your Freedom with Ecstatic Dance

    Unleash Your Freedom with Ecstatic Dance

    Are you ready to unleash your freedom? Ecstatic dance is a joyous fusion of sound and movement that embraces the freedom of expression at the heart of its philosophy.

    It’s time to free your body, unleash your mind, and let dance carry you on a journey at once both intensely physical and rewardingly spiritual. This is ecstatic dance. So how can you connect to the rhythm?


    Unleash Your Freedom with Ecstatic Dance

    Ecstatic dance is an evolution of the conscious dance philosophy, providing a space that combines the spiritual element of physical movement through the liberated platform of free-form and freestyle dance.

    Participants in ecstatic dance immerse themselves in the soundscape around them, letting their body move freely, creating a spontaneous movement that soothes the mind while freeing the body.


    What are the benefits of ecstatic dance?

    Freedom is a kind of release that’s often overlooked in our modern world. Ecstatic dance aims to provide the space for you to express that freedom through physical movement.

    The goal of ecstatic dance is to guide participants on a path to physical and mental transcendence, unlocking your mind through the movement of your body. It is an intensely physical and liberating form of meditative practice.

    Many different spiritual practices embrace the vital link between body and mind. Popular disciplines such as yoga have long forged a spiritual connection of mind, body, and spirit by connecting physical movement with spiritual reward.

    Ecstatic dance follows this philosophy through an intensive but liberating physical experience. You enjoy the freedom to release your control on the purely physical space, enjoying free-spirited movement that at once elevates and relaxes your mind.

    Yet this invigorating philosophy doesn’t dictate participants travel on an intense spiritual journey. Ecstatic dance is supposed to be fun for all involved. So even if you don’t feel that instant connection to the spirituality of movement, you can enjoy the benefits of a freeing and relaxing space to let your body move to the beat.

    Alongside the healthy benefits to the mind that ecstatic dance can unlock, the physical benefits can be equally rewarding. Dancing is a wonderful opportunity for exercise, helping improve heart and lung function while promoting muscular strength and weight control. The unique health benefits have even been shown to improve mood beyond exercise itself, not only improve our cognitive function, but also releasing more of the welcome endorphins that stimulate a positive sense of being.


    Freedom and space with ecstatic dance


    The space in which ecstatic dance exists is integral to the philosophy it follows. There are no judgements, no active observers, no prescribed postures or designated moves. Ecstatic dance exists to provide the room for your natural grace and expression to flow.

    Ecstatic dance is built on an environment of love, friendship, connection, and ultimately – freedom. Participants are invited to celebrate their body and mind while connecting with those around them. The music provides the welcome natural backdrop to these connections, unlocking the power of music and improvised dance to provide a space that welcomes your natural expression.

    There are simple rules built on mutual respect to guide your experience. Ecstatic dance is a smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free environment. It is a place of respect and freedom to express.


    Can anyone take part in ecstatic dance?


    Ecstatic dance is built on respect for the freedom of the individual. Your rhythm is the one which you choose, meaning you don’t need to be an expert dancer or experienced participant to take part.

    This is about unleashing the natural movement inside you, the freedom of expression to let your body move with your mind. There is no need to learn complex steps or elaborate pieces. You just need a desire to embrace freedom of movement and the joy of the dance.

    There are of course practical considerations to ecstatic dance. It’s a good idea to come with comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement to express. That’s not a dress code, simply a sensible consideration which allows you to take the most from this wonderful experience.


    What’s the best way to begin your ecstatic dance journey?


    Ecstatic dance is growing in popularity, creating an accessible and enjoyable path to physical and mental well-being. You don’t have to wait for that benefit to come to you, simply turn on your favourite music, and enjoy how the rhythm can connect you to a happier space to exist.

    Organised ecstatic dance events are also growing in popularity. MURFEST is proud to host several of these ecstatic dance parties as part of its upcoming festival, providing the perfect space to express yourself surrounded and supported by other participants. No ecstatic dance event follows the same rhythm or unlocks the same journey, meaning you’re free to explore your unique freedom of expression and movement with every time you participate.

    This year’s MURFEST will play host to the awesome dance inspirations of Crisanto Santa Ana, renowned DJ and a true champion of the power of dance. His experience includes seminal festivals such as Wanderlust and BaliSpirt Festival, turning out the beats alongside global icon MC Yogi.So are you ready to get your foot tapping, feel the movement flow, and unleash body and mind with the joy of ecstatic dance? Explore a variety of ways to dance and move this year at MURFEST!