Himalayan Bowls Self-Healing Workshop with Dr. Sujata Singhi

    Himalayan Bowls Self-Healing Workshop with Dr. Sujata Singhi
    • August 17, 2019

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    • Dr. Sujata Singhi: Synopsis of the Self-Healing Workshop

      August 17, 2019 10.00


    In this 1 Day Self-Healing course you will learn the basics of the Himalayan Singing bowls, chanting vowels-methods for creating vibrations in and around the body. You will also learn the Chakra analysis and clearance, mindful meditation with sound, movements in dance forms to release-blocking energies from the chakras with the sound bowl being used continuously by Dr. Sujata Singhi to give frequencies of release.

    Sound bowl meditation is used for connecting to your higher Self. Cord connection for inner healing and guidance initiation takes place at this stage.
    You will also learn the techniques of shielding oneself to protect from negative energies, using salt bath techniques, space cleansing and creating the magical healing water with sound.

    In addition, you will also experience/learn:

    • Theory and Science of Sound
    • Understanding the types and usage of Himalayan Singing Bowls and mallets
    • Understanding strikes
    • Deep Breath work exercises
    •  Meditation techniques for destressing and balancing your body, mind and spirit
    • Connecting to your Higher Self
    • Protocols to cleanse your aura, heal migraines, joint pains, hydro massage with bowls, regular emotional release process, heal digestive disorders, menstrual pains, insomnia, de-stressing process and creating a calm and positive mindset.
    • Shielding process for home and self
    • Cleansing and protecting your home and office space (personal).
    • Creating the alchemy healing water and understanding your own body type
    • Chanting processes

    About Dr. Sujata Singhi

    Author of the International best seller book, “Power of Sound”, Dr. Sujata Singhi, holds a Doctorate in Life Skill Education with specialization in NLP and  Sound Therapy and Wellness.
    Founder of Divine Soul Sound, Dr. Sujata Singhi has been honoured with 2 more doctorates for her research and service to mankind by the Universities recognized by GOI and the  United Nations. She has researched and founded a new technique for emotion well-being called as MERT-Music and Emotion Release Technique. The research was conducted in different countries and has won her the doctorate in MERT. She was also named as the, “Miracle Lady” by the staff of the prestigious St. Andrew’s Hospital in Singapore and the Elite Pantai Hospital in KL, Malaysia as the “Miracle Doctor” for the miracles created by sound and MERT on the patients who were cases of extreme physical distress.

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