Connect to the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift with a Women’s Circle


    Connect to the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift with a Women’s Circle

    Mothers’ day is a day to honor the feminine spirit. It is a celebration of those souls who nurture us and guide us, who bring us into this world and raise us to be the best person we can be. So why not enjoy a happy Mother’s Day, and take the opportunity to connect your love today, with the revered ancient tradition of a Women’s Circle?

    The Women’s Circle represents a sacred space shared by mothers and daughters across generations. It is at once an ancient tradition practiced across a diverse range of cultures, and a beautifully contemporary example of the chance to connect a circle of friends, sisters, aunts, mothers, and daughters.

    Connecting the circle of history with Women’s Circles

    Women’s circles inhabit a revered space in cultures across the world, emerging from ancient traditions passed down, and across, the generations.

    The Circle is a form that has long been held as a path to spiritual connection, celebrated as a divine link in cultures spanning the globe. The UK’s prehistoric Stonehenge circle was constructed around 5,000 years ago, widely held to be a ceremonial monument and focal point of religion. The world’s oldest temple, Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe, is a stunning landscape of circular constructs built over 11,000 years ago. The Dhamma Chakra, or Wheel of Dharma, represents the Buddhist teachings and path to enlightenment. The empowering spiritual connections formed by the circle are timeless.

    The Women’s Circle is a safe and open space to connect stories of womanhood that embraces the spiritual significance of a circle. This coming together of women has a powerful historical resonance as part of cultural evolutions passed down through the ages. It is a revered practice that truly puts the spiritual power of women at its heart.

    Connecting to Women’s Circles in our modern world

    Women’s Circles are built to empower us, to provide the space for women to support each other with shared wisdom while building confidence and emotional connections. That ancient tradition is enjoying a fresh new renaissance in our modern age.

    Today’s world rarely gives us time to truly connect in an emotional and spiritual way. A Women’s Circle enables that connection by providing a powerful and empowering space that energizes women on a deeper level than a simple conversation. This is the power of feminine connection, built on the vital journey to connect the feminine spirit.

    What to expect at a Women’s Circle

    Women’s Circles can follow different paths to the same spiritual and emotional connection. Some are simply a safe space to talk, bringing women of diverse backgrounds together for an affirming and honest conversation, unlocking the power of shared moments through communication. Other Women’s Circles may choose to embrace the power of calming meditation and other practices that unify mind, body, and spirit.

    What connects each Women’s Circle is the powerful women who create them. They are the nexus of its energy, the heart of its journey, and the opportunity to create a better way for women across the generations to connect, support, empower and enable each other on their own unique journeys. This is a community that empowers the female spirit, supports inner beauty, and promotes shared wisdom passed down through the ages.

    Connect to a Women’s Circle this Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day provides the perfect backdrop on the journey to shared feminine wisdom. That’s why this year for Mother’s Day, on Saturday 4th March, MURFEST is proud to host its own Women’s Circle event.

    This unique event provides the perfect space to connect mother and daughter in an empowering shared experience. Enjoy a journey of inner strength, shared wisdom, and calming feminine connection that transcends every day to explore the importance of self-love and self-acceptance across generations.

    The empowering event will offer a platform for a range of shared activities, alongside a soothing guided meditation session, providing the perfect tribute to your mother and daughter relationship in celebration of the ancient tradition of the Women’s Circle.The Women’s Circle takes place on Saturday 4th May, 2019,  5:00 – 7:00 pm. Find out more about this empowering Mother’s Day gift and book tickets here.