Embrace the Magic of Unicorns at MURFEST Wellness Festival 2019

    Embrace the Magic of Unicorns at MURFEST Wellness Festival 2019

    Unicorns have taken over the world, and we’re all a little better off for it. They’re prancing on our pajamas, delivering rainbow delight to our clothing choices, shining down us at from billboards… they’re even dancing around with our fabulously unicorn-inspired food! And you know what? At MURFEST – we love them too.

    The truth is that we all want a little more magic in our lives. Everyone is so busy coping with the real world that it’s often difficult to connect to something deeper. So this year at MURFEST, we’re putting the joy of magic and innocence at the heart of our journey. It’s time to unleash your inner joy with a truly magical MURFEST 2019!

    Get ready for a carnival of colour and innocence that whisks you away with the simple joy of unicorns, mermaids, and magic. This is a positive journey to connect with your inner spirituality that embraces the importance of heartfelt pleasures. This year – happiness comes in the shape of a rainbow unicorn!

    Join us at MURFEST 2019 – Asia’s Premier Wellness Experience, presenting the Dreamland Wellness Festival in Malaysia – the Unicorns and Rainbow Edition.

    Are unicorns real? Who cares!

    Are unicorns real you ask? It’s up to you to decide! The imagery of unicorns can be seen in ancient civilizations over millennia, with references found across the ancient world. That image of a single-horned magical creature has been passed down through generations, and today the unicorn is even recognised as the national animal of bonnie Scotland! Whether it’s a creature of myth or something more magical, unicorns have evolved to represent a strange and wonderful tribute to the possibility of magic and wonder in our modern world.

    In this unicorn-mad world, the question of unicorns isn’t so much a question of belief, but a question of accepting the simple joy found within our imagination. This magical take on the MURFEST journey is a way to embrace the power of letting go, of accepting the wonder of unicorns, mermaids, smiling faces and shimmering lights. So are you ready to unleash your inner unicorn?

    Alongside our inspiring assortment of wellness events, from the spiritual calm of yoga to the physical release of ecstatic dance, attendees at this year’s MURFEST enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a magical program of events and festivities.

    Our aim as a wellness festival is to provide the perfect space for you to unwind, to find the peace to connect to something wonderful, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your journey. And this year we’ve got the perfect place to unlock that unicorn-inspired journey – the Palace of Golden Horses at the iconic Mines Resort.

    A Journey of Transformation

    Between November 8 and November 10 this year, the Palace of Golden Horses will be transformed into a space where you can connect to your spiritual being, supported by surroundings where the imagination can flourish.

    You can explore over 80 amazing workshops hosted by facilitators, artists and wellness practitioners from around the world. Discover our Organic & Wellness Vendor Village where you can sample the delights of fresh foods and vegan treats alongside the stunning artistry of homemade wellness products.

    MURFEST has something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced wellness practitioner or an eager new participant looking to explore various practices, disciplines and health & wellness offers. And our land filled with unicorns, mermaids, and imagination has the perfect spot for the kids too, with a dedicated Kids’ Zone filled with exciting activities to entertain your little ones with delights such as unicorn rides in magical carriages. Yes! Adults can ride on those too. We won’t judge.

    Where can imagination take you?

    So where can imagination take you? Explore all this and more at MURFEST Wellness Festival 2019. It’s time to experience the magic of connecting to a better you.

    Embrace a world of colour, beauty and joy at Malaysia’s premier wellness event this November.

    Dream of the magic of unicorns, mermaids and spirituality at an inspiring festival that praises the beauty of innocence, playfulness, trust and surrender.

    Celebrate the spirit of freedom and imagination that allows us to connect to the things that truly matter to us, alongside connecting to a tribe of loving, soul seekers.

    Connect to a better world where your mind, body and spirit are aligned, exploring over 80+ amazing wellness activities.

    Join us at MURFEST for three days of outstanding events from November 8 to November 10 this year.

    Early bird tickets are on sale now! Find out more about MURFEST 2019 – Asia’s Premier Wellness Experience, presenting the Dreamland Wellness Festival in Malaysia –  Unicorns and Rainbow Edition.

    See you somewhere over the rainbow!