The Artist Series: Amar Singh on why Dance is a Metaphor for Life Itself

    The Artist Series: Amar Singh on why Dance is a Metaphor for Life Itself

    You can find him most probably on the dance floor in one of his studios helping a student master a particular move. And while he’s always ready to help, it was a little challenging to ‘pin’ him down long enough to answer these questions. But

    1.  Would you say that anyone can dance?

     I often say if you can walk you can dance. Especially in my salsa and bacchata classes I relate the very basic step to our usual walking motion; once you see similarities between the basic step and our usual walking motion you would break the code and your dance will be as natural as walking.

    2. How do you feel dancing enriches a persons life ? How do you feel it relates to wellness? 

    Dancing definitely has enriched my life in many ways personally beside the obvious being  PHYSICAL HEALTH. It has taught me to:

    • BELIEVE IN MYSELF to be able to do a challenging dance or a move,
    •  Increase my CONFIDENCE level when I get those dances/move,
    •  It has taught me to always be HUMBLE as there’s a lot to learn when it comes to new moves and choreography. There’s always space for improvement no matter what level you are in.  The better I get the more humble I become and there is no room for arrogance.
    •  It has thought me HOW TO BE INSPIRED by better dancers out there instead of being jealous of them. Learning stops when jealousy comes in the way.
    • For the couple dances that I do..MAKING THESE DANCES WORK IS LIKE MAKING A RELATIONSHIP WORK. When we do a partner dance that doesn’t seem to be working I try my level best to analyse where I’m going wrong in leading my partner into a particular move and once I do that I then try my level best to understand the move from my partners perspective as a follower to the move. I apply these concepts in real life issues with every other relationship in my life; analyse where I went wrong and try and put myself in the other persons shoes to have a holistic approach.
    • Most of all it has taught me how to be HAPPY and I feel RESPONSIBLE to share the happiness with everyone and build a happier community.

    I BELIEVE THE MORE YOU GIVE THE MORE YOU GET  AND THE MORE YOU GET THE MORE YOU GIVE.To me this is wellness at every level. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    3. What attracted you to be a part of MURFEST? 

    MURFEST has truly been a festival with an overall wellness theme. It has music – dance -yoga. Music makes you explore the different feelings that exist in your heart. It’s amazing how different instruments and sounds have an effect over you emotions. It makes you feel alive. It also teaches you how to control these feelings. It’s divine.Yoga just has countless positive effects on mind ,body and emotions. The only festival that incorporates all the above for overall wellness.. all that MURFEST has to offer are all interrelated; we just have to break the code and find similarities of all that is offered to enrich our lives.

    4. What was your personal takeaway from being a facilitator at MURFEST last year ? 

    My take away would be the holistic experience which has enriched my life on many different levels. Music yoga and dance. I hope more people would try and  have a holistic approach like what MURFEST has to offer and enrich their lives.

    5. Besides the actual dance steps what else do you hope to teach- either through dance or other ways? 

    I would love to teach them all that I’ve learnt through dancing. (see question 2 above).

    6. What would you like to share with those who attend Murfest this year?

    I hope more people would try and  have a holistic approach like what MURFEST has to offer and enrich their lives. Like it did for mine.

    7. What does the future hold for Amar Singh ?

     Through dancing I want to teach others how to enrich the different aspects of their lives.-Believe in yourself-Be Confident-Be Humble-Be Inspired-Make relationships work-Be Happy-Be Responsible – the more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you give.Now apply all the above to any areas in your life and you’ll see improvement.For instance if u want to build a business out of something you’re passionate about try applying these ideas. 

    Find out more about him here or better yet attend his dance workshops and be swept away by exotic cuban and salsa beats! You can choose from the ‘Cuban Rumba’ on Day 2 or the ‘Raggeathon’ on Day 3. If you live in KL and would like to attend his classes you can register on his website:

    In a nutshell MURFEST is a wellness movement set out to revolutionize the way Wellness and Health is thought of in Malaysia. Starting from the individual. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet you can get them here.