Dance.Stretch.Flow: Embodied Movement

    Dance.Stretch.Flow: Embodied Movement

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    • Dance.Stretch.Flow: Limited Spots!

      May 26, 2019 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


    What makes this VeraFlow workshop unique?

    Do you sometimes find traditional yoga and pilates classes too static and boring?
    This workshop is a hybrid of yoga, pilates and dance movements and techniques. Grooving to a carefully crafted playlist, this workshop offers a variety of passive/active stretches to ensure participants a great workout as well as fun, dynamic way of releasing tensions and reenergizing mind and body.

    Music is a crucial element of the class and all routines are choreographed carefully to provide effective flexibility, mobility and balance training.

    The Choreography presented is not mega complicated, you do not have to be a dancer to enjoy moving and flowing in your body. Let the rhythm guide your movements. Enjoy the flow!

    We cover the whoooooole body throughout this workshop. This realigns and resets the body. Some stretches will be familiar to regular yogis. You know your limit, no extra force, approaching stretch in a non-competitive way.

    If you’re the kind of person who’s always trapped in the monkey mind, this workshop will help you to experience being in the moment, dissolving stress and tensions, brining you back to peace and calmness.


    Luba is a dancer, choreographer, yoga lover, pilates and Xtend Barre Instructor as well as VeraFlow Master Trainer. She has been dancing all her life! Her classes are mainly dance based stretch focused, low impact , standing and floor routines. Her goal is to help her students flow with music, serving as a reminder to be fully present in mind and body.

    Workshop benefits:

    – Improved flexibility
    – Mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and manage stressful situations
    – Reduction or elimination of pain caused by muscle tightness and/or imbalance
    – Improved posture
    – Reduced risk of injury
    – Low impact movements
    – Learn new dance moves!
    – Improved muscle tone
    – Enhanced performance of agility, speed and strength
    – Stretch. Connect. Enjoy!

    Level for participants:

    All Levels

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    "Vera" means True in italian. Therefore, Vera Flow is True Flow or movement. Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this class. You will leave feeling you have done a full body massage; your muscles feeling strengthened yet relaxed and loose.

    While it is not meant to substitute yoga, VeraFlow is a fun way of introducing flexibility and mobility training into your routine because of dance elements and the beautiful music we use in class. VeraFlow integrates yoga, pilates and dance elements in one single routine.

    Stretching helps to maintain your range of motion allowing you to go about your everyday life free of hinderance. You will become more in-tune with your body and your self-confidence will improve.

    Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of the here and now, to enjoy this moment and to avoid the anxiety of worrying about the past and future. Mindfulness and Meditation use practical exercises to benefit anyone suffering from stress on a physical, mental and emotional level. There is no religious belief or involvement required. This workshop is designed to help you find your flow, experiencing that sense of "being" in a dynamic meditative experience.

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