James Wong

    BIO: James Wong, Born Malaysian; but spent most of his growing up years in New Zealand has always loved exploring the world with different cultures and way of life. He is a certified ERYT500 Yoga Alliance Trainer & certified IICT Remedial Therapist; specialist in Scoliosis management, a book author of his Trigger Point book 2017 Edition & Yin Yoga Master Trainer with Chinese Medicine travels around the globe to conduct Yin Yoga Yoga Alliance Trainings; 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training & Functional Anatomy courses based on Fascia & Skeletal Variation! His teachings mainly focuses on the Functional Aspect of Yoga poses and on skeletal variation(Grilley’s Method), Fascia Release in Yin Yoga. He studied under the lineage of Grilley’s Method on Skeletal Variation along with his years of knowledge in Trigger Point & manual therapy. James’ teachings, share his very own blend in yin yoga which he incorporates a lot on connective tissues tension release, running down the meridian lines to bring more Qi flow into our body system. His Functional Anatomy studies in both Fascia & Skeletal Variation will open up your eyes to whole new perspective of yoga! He believes in allowing his students to find the freedom of their body in their poses rather than forcing their poses into aesthetics.
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