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Zhariff Afandi has never been your average kinda joe. Despite growing up without arms, he never really understood or could apply the term disabled. With his “ninja” like precision, he lives his life not just like normal, but most times a bit crazier than others.

He has a background in developmental psychology from Griffith University, Australia and had also taken a Bachelors of Arts majoring in Sociology at KDU College.

He is an extremely strong willed person and has been intensively involved in the last 10 years with many CSR, humanitarian relief, community, and entrepreneurship development programs.

Bringing a wealth of experience from community programs, social action advocacy, and humanitarian relief both locally and internationally, he is known to be an inspirational and outstanding figure in the social entrepreneurship, community, and humanitarian field. He was the founder of TZI and CEO of Gemilang 4e and LOKA Malaysia. Zhariff is currently CMO of Hop On Hop Off, as well is an on the Board of Directors of Malaysian Food Bank, WADAH Malaysia, an is an ambassador for TN50 and UNICEF’s #thisability campaign.

Workshop Description

About Pathway to Purpose

Often enough, most of us go through this life without seeking to understand the inner workings of the self, and essentially fall victim to being slaves of their own realities. We run this rat race, slogging our day, seeking wealth, success, and of course happiness. Yet we fail to really know who we are and connect with the self.

Founded on the principles of both science and inner spirituality, we look into helping you truly understand yourself. This means deeply looking into your Body + Mind + Inner self. By seeking to understand the self more, we take charge of this vessel on which we call our bodies, and brings us closer to unlocking the unlimited potential of the inner self.


Pathway to Purpose was developed utilizing 3 main elements. Firstly its all about discovering true understanding of your Body + Mind + Soul. Secondly, we look into understanding the inner workings of how to overcome obstacles and embrace future challenges. And lastly, you will learn some fundamentals on optimal performance and tools on how to harness your potential.

Getting to know the true self encompasses the following:

  • About your physical state… For understanding your body, you go through a fairly thorough assessment of your physiology and bio mechanics, and a variety of health screening by Baines Physio. Our experts will collate these tests and provide you with advice on practices that can keep you at optimal healthy state.
  • About your mind… In understanding your Mind and Personality, Zhariff brings along Dr A. Sufian who helped designed our program based on their expertise in personality development and developmental psychology. Utilizing the My Prodigy Personality Pathway Model, we run a full test of your personality using state of the art methods, to find out your strengths, attributes and personality type, so that you may make informed decisions about your student or career life.
  • About your inner self… Lastly, we guide you to connect with your Inner Self with Yoga Sutra’s more universal meditation practices of breathing, inner visualization and manifestation techniques, that help you find your inner self, your Hidayah and live your authentic fulfilled life. By understanding how these practices are relatable to neuroscience and the plasticity of the brain, as well as the connection the limbic system has to our sense of inner being, we provide a pathway to activate a part of us that has unlimited potential.
" FLOW " About your optimal performance…

Get to know how to optimize your life. Understand the inner workings of optimal performance through "flow" and how to hack your state of mind to be at your very best. Learn about motivation stacking, goal setting, and the chemical biology under states of flow.

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