Tessie Lim



Tessie Lim applies her love for developing people potential and her experience in developing careers and lifestyles to coaching, mentoring, and facilitating change and transformation.

Having spent 20 years in corporate development enables the natural progression for Tessie to serve as a corporate and executive coach specializing in coaching personal power and change leadership. Her clients are mostly senior executives and business leaders.

As her mission is, “to inspire the courage, confidence, and freedom so we live our best lives,” Tessie walks her talk. Her popular column, “Get a Life,” ran in the New Straits Times for 8 years. She’s hosted her own radio show, “Be the best with Tessie Lim,” and was guest on “The Breakfast Show” for some months.

Now Tessie presents to many public service and business organizations to spread her core message of self-value, self-respect, self-reliance, and dignity.

Believing it’s more important to live an authentic life rather than fit into social norms, build financial security instead of merely hold down a job, develop happy human beings rather than push human doing, the skills that Tessie presents go along way to ensure empowered men and women at work and at home.

Workshop Description

Personal Power


"Framing" Personal Power. What it is. & What it is not. Busting myths around Power. Discussing different perceptions and how we’ve come to think power is corruptible: power is “bad,” self-serving, and pompous.


Coaching the body – experience your Personal Power in the NOW Installing empowering beliefs that overcome self-doubt and resistance. Plug the drains! Assertive vs Aggressive


Recognising Personal Power in your Self. What’s in the way. How to tune it up. Exude and Create or Crush and Destroy. We got the power! Set boundaries.

Courage Confidence & Freedom to Live Your Best Life


Most live lives of quiet desperation. Just to survive.Survival & Coping mechanisms vs Freedom Techniques What Courage, Confidence & Freedom means to you And what’s important about that.


Expressing courage, confidence, and freedom. Show me! Personal stories sharing success strategies. Tell me! Talking about needs, wants, and desires. Feel me! Ownership & Responsibility: Mine! Meta-Yes! Meta-NO.


Get conscious. Life is too precious to spend sleepwalking. Freedom is our birthright Not made for your approval! Release judgment and be free. Nothing is personal.

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