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Sounds Of The Wind

Rodrigo Parejo, spanish jazz musician, improviser, composer and educator based between The Netherlands and South-East Asia, has been active in some of the different music scenes of Improvised Experimental Music, Jazz, Dance and World-Music in Europe and Asia during the last 15 years.

After graduating with honors and completed successfully a Master Degree in Jazz Performance at The Hague Royal Conservatory (The Netherlands), kept developing his musicality studying, traveling and living periodically in places as: New York (School for Improvisation), Oslo (SIM), Banff Center of Arts (Canada), Cambodia, Institute of Arts Indonesia, Malaysia,… studying with music masters as John Ruocco, Dave Douglas, Ralph Alessi, Bobby Martínez,Tony Malaby, Joshua Redman, Ben Street.

As a freelance musician he has performed a broad range of music styles: from solo performances to free jazz orchestras, contemporary/classical ensembles, electronic rock bands,etc. working as well in the worlds of jazz, pop, flamenco, world-music, folk, noise, contemporary dance, ambient, film music,…, performing with excellent musicians, projects and ensembles as: Phil Woods, Norma Winstone, London Improvisers Orchestra, Saray Muñoz, Lázara López Cachao, Rianto, Mao Arata, Maya Dance Theater, Peni Candrarini, Hank Bennink, Lucky Losada, The Hague Ethospheric Orchestra, Royal Improvisers Orchestra, Michael Moore, Sri Hanuraga, Riza Arshad, Lewis Pragasam.

Festivals as North Sea Jazz Festival, Steve Reich Festival (Amsterdam), Bimhuis (Amsterdam), Bratislava Jazz Days (Slovakia), Flamenco Festival Vienna (Austria), Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia), KLCC (Malaysia), Esplanade Theater (Singapore), Prambanan Jazz Heritage Festival (Indonesia), Viktoria Nasjonal Scene (Norway), Margaret Graham Theater (Canada), Ubud Village Jazz Fest (Indonesia).

His current solo project "The Java Spring", is broadly acquainted with the sounds and languages of electronic ambient film music, world-music, spiritual meditative music,etc. "The Java Spring" has the interest to awake the listener´s senses, perceptions, emotions and imagination through the beautiful Art of Listening (sounds of birds, nature, ethnic flutes, voices, gongs, bells, suite melodies, electronics.

Rodrigo Parejo, beside Music, is a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2007, with strong interest on eastern philosophy, education, psychology, meditation, traveling.

Workshop Description


Rodrigo Parejo is a polifacetic spanish jazz flutist, improviser, composer and educator based between The Netherlands and South-East Asia. Due currently touring South-East Asia, he will be offering a Sound Meditation Session and Workshop at MURFEST 2018 sharing and exchanging with the audience a serie of feedbacks, experiences and thoughts related to the fields of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing in relation with the Art of Music as a Ritual-Performance.Some topics which would be discussed:

  • The Therapeutic powerful effect of Music and Sound in the mind, body, emotions, and people´s spirit.
  • Learning how to listen with awareness and attention ("Listening is an Art")
  • Exchange experiences and sensations with the audience after the session (thoughts, images, feelings,…)
  • Practical exercises for healing and toning with others with the voice, instruments,… (rhythm chanting, mantras,….)
  • Composition and Improvisation as spontaneous composition
  • The language of Music and Sound

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