Red Nose Arts

Sonia, Neesha, Tina & Smita


Bollywood/ Cultural

RedNose Arts is a brainchild of 4 sisters -Sonia, Smita, Tina & Neesha, who have trained in dance, theater and music over the last 15 years.

The foundation is simple - to SPREAD, SHARE and CREATE HAPPINESS through MUSIC & DANCE.

Ultimately, the vision is to create a community where people feel happy, feel free and are inspired to be creative. A safe space to discover, grow and even challenge one’s self-through dance and music.

RedNose aims to spread happiness through:

  • Dance Classes. We believe everyone can dance.
  • Dance Workshops. To Learn A New Style of Dance
  • Happiness Dance Therapy. A Specially Designed program that emphasizes on releasing stress and being more present. To Learn to be aware of your body & communicate without words.
  • Choreography for Weddings and special Events that create memorable moments for life.

RedNose Arts – Your Happiness Movement

Workshop Description

Community Garba : Circle of Fun

A traditional Gujarati Folk Dance. Get energized with lots of clapping and swirling. The thumping music will set the mood for this full on cardio workout.

This dance is done in a Circle. Move, jump, clap and meet. This surely is a fun and lively way to connect and dance.


A combination of traditional Malay Joget and Bollywood moves.

Joget is a versatile folk dance with roots in both Malaysia and Indonesia. Today Joget is widely incorporated in Dangdut music and dance.

Your feet will have lots of fun in this quick yet gentle dance form.

Our version is going to be a spirited mesh of traditional and street with Bollywood music.

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With Humble Gratitude to Our Sponsors & Partners for making each year better for the community.

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