Reconnect And Recharge



Reconnect & Recharge is a social movement where we reconnect to what really matters. We focuses on cultivating your most important relationship, which is the one with yourself then towards others. Through fun and meaningful human connection experience, we envision an interconnected, healthy and environmentally friendly community.

Workshop Description

Togetherness - A Human Connection Session

Are you hungry for real connection? It is time to reconnect!

You are invited to build deeper connections with ourselves, our passions and everyone in our life. This is a celebration for togetherness where we gather to love and connect!

This one hour is a safe space for us to connect face-to-face with 5 ways of connection. You will be sharing eye contact by looking at each other eyes; expressing yourself or listening with an open heart and open mind; having meaningful deeper conversations; hugging (or high-five) others with unconditional love; and be grateful with who you are.

5 Ways of "Togetherness":

  • Eye gazing is where participants get to share eye contact for at least a minute to whenever they feel comfortable with. Look into the eye without conversations then a sharing of their experience, see if this would bring them closer. Often serves as an appetiser for conversations
  • Listening is where there would be people talk and people listening with guidelines. We want to invite people to listen with empathy which hold space for the other who share their stories. This is when people feel being heard, an important factor in life.
  • Deep conversations is where we are skipping small talks by preparing questions like Big Talk for deeper conversations. We will also use Speakeasy cards with keywords to cultivate conversations. This also serves as an appetiser for meaningful stories which connects people from the heart.
  • Hugging is where we would have group hugging or hugging time every 15 minutes. With the bell rings, we invite each other to hug for at least 6 seconds. A deep long hug is highly encourage.
  • Gratitude circle is where we stand in a circle to express our gratitude one by one. It could be done in speaking or writing to our loved ones. We highly encourage people to express their gratitude daily to feel good.

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