Melissa Indot - MURFEST Ambassador

United Kingdom/Malaysia

Sound Therapy

With a dazzling career in the music industry in the UK and Malaysia spanning 20 years as a Singer, Composer, Lyricist and Producer, Melissa has an intrinsic affinity with music and words. This led her to create a signature transformational modality in 2016, known as Intuitive Music Programming (IMP). Based on her own personal practice, IMP uses the power of music to catalyse transformation.

Melissa intuitively selects songs and creates playlists, relative to the subscribed workshop thematic. This form of intentional playlisting supports a compassionate and empowering journey during which songs are broken down lyrically as Melissa guides you through unique processes, shares useful tools and opens discussions while undiscovered parts of you show themselves for transformation. Melissa is an alchemist for the Heart and connects with people on a deep level. Through music, her insights, her wisdom and her intentional use of language Melissa is able to connect people with a part of themselves they have lost touch with sponsoring integrity and fostering self sovereignty.

Melissa is a Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Level 1 and Level 1 Mastery Teacher & Level 3 Master Practitioner. She’s also a practitioner of Divine Intervention.

Melissa offers live IMP workshops in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. She launched her online IMP courses in April 2018 to a global market. She has presented her work at HolyMama Retreats and Feminine Leadership Retreat. Melissa spends her time between Malaysia and travelling for her IMP workshops.

Workshop Description


INNER CHILD CONNECTION with Intuitive Music Programming

You will be taken through an IMP process that facilitates reconnection with your INNER CHILD. This INNER CHILD connection ignites the energy of abundance, gratitude and love that can propel you into creating a conscious way of living.

Here is a simple process to reconnect you with the vitality and curiosity that exists naturally in all children, in our inner child, before it was conditioned out of us through various learnings and teachings of what is expected of us, what is realistic, what is safe etc. This sense of adventure and enthusiasm of the inner child will support in clearing the past programming that has been stopping you from moving forward in your relationships whether personal, social or business.

This process will enable you to :

  • Identify your suppressed emotions
  • Release fear-based beliefs and limiting behavioral patterns
  • Achieve your inner playfulness and spontaneity

At the end of the process you will :

  • Ignite the energy of abundance, gratitude and love
  • Restore capacity for curiosity, adventure and joy
  • Create a fulfilling and conscious life
BEING FEARLESS with Intuitive Music Programming

An introduction to a unique transformational modality known as Intuitive Music Programming (IMP). IMP is a powerful system of intentional play-listing. The experience of tapping into the power of music and visualisation creates opportunities for the undiscovered parts of you to show themselves for transformation. In this Workshop, You will be taken through an IMP process that facilitates in identifying and clearing the paralysing effects that Fears can have on Life so that you can Reclaim Self Sovereignty.

This process will enable you to :

  • Identify your Fears
  • Release you Fear and Keep you in the Now
  • Attain Clarity
  • Regain confidence
  • Have a system to support you on achieving your goals effectively

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