Jojo Struys


Pranayama, Empowerment & Sleep Yoga

Jojo Struys is a renown Wellness Personality and the founder of a beautiful yoga and wellness space called Ohanajo Studio ( named after the Hawaiian word ‘Ohana’ which means family. Jojo is also the Regional TV Host of Jojo’s Diary of Asia on Discovery Channel, as well as an accomplished Speaker and Certified Yoga Instructor. She checked herself into an ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India at the end of 2015 to complete her 200-hour TTC in yoga. She started learning how to meditate in her teenage years, where she discovered the true power of silence and going inward. By the age of 19, she became a certified practitioner in ‘Reiki’ and then went on to become an accredited Reiki master with more than 15 years of experience.

She has always had a deep interest in spirituality and she strongly believes that “we are what we think”, which is why she feels our thoughts can make or break us. She has been conducting deeply relaxing sleep yoga classes at OhanaJo as well as teaching pranayama breathing techniques to release stress alongside her other flow yoga classes.

She has studied numerous breathing techniques around the world to combat the effects of stress and completed the foundation course at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) where she learnt how to tap into the power of the unconscious mind to break negative thinking patterns.

She is also a goverrnment accredited HRDF Corporate Trainer but in her own studio, she has been conducting more soulful, intimate classes and workshops with members of the public to help them let go of whatever might be holding them back from realizing their true potential in life.

Workshop Description

Sleep Yoga & Sound Healing

Enter an oasis of calm with guided visualisations, meditative breath-work and a deeply relaxing session of sound healing.

Sound healing and being in a state of total relaxation can alleviate anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, hypertension and improve the quality of your body's immune system. When we let go of stress and surrender to this deeply relaxed state of consciousness, physical, mental and emotional healing occurs right down to the cellular level.

Breathing Techniques To Release Stress & Anxiety

Discover the secrets of relaxation with guided meditations, ancient pranayama breathing techniques and mindfulness tools to release stress from the mind and body

Journey inward through the breath to plant new seeds of positive energy to break negative thought patterns from the past. Learn the art of releasing what no longer serves you so that you can achieve a state of mindful presence and internal peace.

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