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Jaclyn Chow, graduated with an Upper 2nd Class Honors in Business Administration with the University of Northumbria, UK, is the founder of Peace Love Yoga and director of Fine Arts of Yoga in Malaysia

Jaclyn is a multi-talented artist and sports enthusiast and her love of sports goes back to her childhood where she had actively participated in athletic and martial arts activities before embracing music and art to discovering her passion in yogic studies, becoming a yoga teacher and founding Peace Love Yoga, with a mission to inspire lives through the wisdom of yoga.

Having completed a Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Course, an Advanced Diploma in Yogic Studies and Diploma in Meditation with distinction, Jaclyn is also a Yoga teacher trainer, providing continuing yoga education and meditation workshops, trainings and courses in Malaysia and around the world. With a vision to make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone, Jaclyn’s expertise is teaching meditation by using different modalities in a non-religious and practical way. She is also well known for her ability to help her students in correcting postural misalignment and using breathing techniques to improve their well-being.She is the only yoga instructor in Malaysia who teaches yoga to the Deaf community in her regular classes.

You will enjoy learning with her as her class is fun, challenging and relaxing at the same time. The best part is that she will take you through the journey of self-exploration and empowering you to create a practice that is unique and meaningful for yourself.

Workshop Description

Peace on Earth

As earth is the soil for growth and nurture, so our practice requires the groundedness and stability of our earthy nature. In this session we will explore how through simple breathing awareness and mindfulness could help us to tap into this element thus bringing peace and harmony to our practice and everyday life.

Light of Love

Bringing the physical grounding of Earth and will of Fire to a sense of balance within the heart. This session focuses on the upward flying breath and back bending postures to support the expansion of energy and to recognise how this energy affects our freedom to express, to connect and to love.

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