Diandra Irene


Healing With Sound

Irene is graduated in law in the UK and holds a Masters in Chinese Law. She worked a few years in the UK and decided to return to Malaysia. Upon returning she realized that the legal world was not where she was called to do. So upon some soul searching, she realized her calling was in the healing field. Today she is a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist, Animal Communicator for 11 years and a Sound Singer / Healer using her voice and crystal bowls. She was initiated in the light council and given the name Diandra. She holds workshops in sound and tonation and animal communication in her centre in Malaysia.

Workshop Description


Have you ever wondered how listening to music be it classical or an upbeat tune affects your mood / behavior? An upbeat music probably makes you want to get up and go, a soothing music makes you relax, and every part of your body relaxes. Do you wonder how music affects your moods?

Our body is made up of frequencies. When your frequency drops, you fall ill, or experience fatigue, tired, not wanting to do anything. When it is at it’s optimum you feel like you’re on top of the world and invincible! The germs and bacteria have their own frequencies too and it is lower than our body frequency. That is why when out body feels tired and fatigue, our frequency drops and we fall ill.

Healing with sound is about raising our frequencies and vibration using crystal bowls, voice and other instruments because as you relax, into theta state, that is when healing begins.

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