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Hengameh is an architect, writer and overall lover of imagination, philosophy and wholesome living. She is a PhD student in the field of Architecture and Feng Shui and a Pranic Healing instructor. She has been practicing healing for more than a decade now and has conducted healing and meditation classes in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines till date.

Hengameh is passionate about meditation, reflection and holistic therapy and believes they can bring quality, joy and simplicity back into our modern life. She is the co-founder of PranaWorld and author of a number of self-development books. She also writes in various well-known self-motivational websites and magazines, including Yoga Life, Body Mind Soul, Life Hack and Pick the Brain.

Workshop Description

How to Stop Unwanted Repeated Patterns

If you think about it, all of us have had repeated unwanted patterns happening in our lives sometimes from repeated disagreements at work to attracting certain kind of partner that usually ends in a break up.

What are all these repeated patterns about ? How can we stop them from happening? Are they connected with karma? Are they lessons to learn? Are they just coincidence?

All of these questions can be answered if you have the knowledge of energy and subtle universal laws. This sessions helps you to identify such patterns and carefully remove them from your system so you can lead a healthy & happy life.

Pranic Beauty without Surgery | Face Lift and Body Sculpting with Just Using Chi

Did you know that your excess weight is much more than just fat?

Your skin lines, are much more than just simple lines? That is so, they carry many emotional and psychological disturbances from your past such as fear, attachments, anger, resentment and grief that you are holding on to.

Pranic Body Sculpting and Face Lift can help you release them and make your body shine.

Your body is waiting for love and acceptance.

Sculpting the body is an art!

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