QiGong and Sound Bath Therapy

    QiGong and Sound Bath Therapy

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    Qi Gong and Sound Therapy work beautifully together to shift stuck energy and vibrate cells and organs into optimal health.

    • Breathing techniques / meditation / qi gong movements
    • Deeply relaxing sound immersion
    • Calms the nervous system
    • Enhances health & wellbeing
    • Boosts immune system


    MirjanaMalignon is the founder of MiQi Energy Medicine. She is a Certified Medical Qi Gong Therapist and Teacher (ZhinengQigong China and WMQ Malaysia) with a 30-year experience in alternative therapies. She learned from many different masters in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Europe and USA.

    ElizabethHuxtable is a certified sound therapist (USA) and she has 30 years’ experience in several alternative therapies. Her work stands out with her unique voice using harmonic overtone singing and a specially tuned set of alchemy crystal bowls.

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    All Levels
    Will suit all levels of fitness and ability

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    Sound therapy uses sound vibration to balance the emotional, mental and physical body. Unlike music therapy, sound therapy makes use of pure sound frequenciesfrom a range of sound tools including crystal bowls, metal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, chimes, drums and very importantly, voice.It works on several levels.
    1.It entrains the brain and other body rhythms which are very susceptible to sound vibrations, slowing them down to induce deep relaxation and boosting the body’s immune response.
    2.The quality of the sound evokes an emotional response in the listener which can help release unexpressed emotions.
    3.It works on the energy field of the body, restoring balanceand flow to meridians and organs.

    Yes, sound is a complementary therapy, meaning that it can safely be used at the same time as medical treatments. It can increase the effectiveness of medical treatments, due to its positive effect on the immune system.

    Everyone! It can help reduce and sometimes, completely eliminate pain, it can help with mental issues (eg: depression, anxiety), it can reduce stress and bring wellbeing and peace. Autistic people respond positively. You don’t need to believe in it to experience the benefits.

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