Elizabeth Huxtable


Sound Healing

Elizabeth Huxtable is a certified Sound Therapist (Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute, San Francisco, USA) with over 30 years’ experience in the field of holistic health. As a specialist in Sound and Vibration Therapy, she specializes in treating children with special needs and adults with sleep, insomnia, stress, anxiety and emotional issues.

What differentiates Elizabeth from other sound therapists is her unique voice and also her specially matched set of Alchemy crystal singing bowls. They are tuned to musical chords to create powerful blended sounds that easily induce altered states of consciousness in the listener. She also uses Energy Chimes, xylophones, crystal harp, gong and tuning forks. She is highly sensitive to vibrations and energies in people and places.

Elizabeth is based in Kuala Lumpur but travels extensively to share her work throughout SE Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.

Workshop Description

Crystal Sound Bath for Transformation

Alchemy crystal singing bowls, crystal harp and Elizabeth’s unique voice will transport you to higher realms of consciousness where insight and deep healing can take place.

Using our Voice for Self-healing

Learn some simple, yet powerful ways to use your voice to change your mood (creating endorphins), release pain from your body and boost your immune system. Humming is a form of internal massage and toning can change your emotional, mental and physical states very quickly and effectively.

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