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Duncan Wong is the pioneer of warrior flow yoga, and a lineage keeper of the ancient Pashupati Datta (Animal Nature), who, through great effort to protect their Kula (Community) as Vira Datta (Guardian Nature), strive for Deva Datta (Angel Nature). These are the three states of the yogi, being; body, mind and spirit.

Duncan is the creator of the Yogic Arts™ systems and the most recognized global innovator of synthesizing yoga, martial arts and massage. YogicArts™ was established in San Francisco, California, in 1990, and blossomed in NYC in 2000, And help set the global standard for what modern flow yoga is today. and has become a global system sparked by strong teachers who build practicing communities.

Born from 40 years of flow practice in the healing fields, YogicArts™ is best defined as a refined flow revolution that focuses on hand and feet mudras (micro postures) that align the body asanas (structures). Duncan's passion and purpose is to encourage people to rediscover how to align their earth body and star mind.

Workshop Description


Warrior Yoga Flow - ‘The Secrets of Master Mudra Yoga’

Come study with the Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher’s teacher, master trainer Duncan Wong.

This special training is ideal for all yogis and athletic movement people. We will explore step-by-step, in a safe smart fun way, how the hand and foot mudras, or configuration of fingers and toes, create the base structure and natural alignment navigation that helps us map out our body’s graceful power and elegant form. Mudras drawn from Indian Dance, Zen Martial Arts, and of course all based in classical Vinyasa Yoga, as Duncan sensei was raised as an Astanga Yogi by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, as well as by great Buddhist Zen Masters. This platform practice will serve as a game changer for any student or teacher seeking to increase their skill-set and offer a higher level of teaching in their style.

Warrior Yoga Flow: Warrior’s Dance Mix

Introduction to Master Wong’s Smart Safe Fun Flow style of yoga; based in decades of training and teaching of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts, Modern Dance and Thai Massage Therapy; this practice has a playlist that will inspire you and bring the joy back into the practice and in your life. All Levels of Practice Most Welcome!

All Levels of Practice Most Welcome!

Warrior Yoga Flow : Core Wave Motion

Introduction to Master Wong’s fluid wave motion flow style that will inform your body and mind how to access inner strength and spinal length; resulting more power and less pain throughout your body. This movement technology and experience will become an invaluable part of your practice and life. All Levels of Practice Most Welcome!

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