Claudia Spahr


Integrative Healing

Claudia is a Hay House author, Founder of HolyMama, Integrative Health Coach, Sacred Space Holder and Activator.

She is passionate about enabling change-makers and leaders of the new paradigm, as well as birthing visions for a loving planet. HolyMama has repeatedly been nominated as one of the best family holidays by the international media. Claudia has three young children, whom she conceived naturally in her forties.

Workshop Description

Activating the New Earth Codes/Activating the LoveField/The Human Blueprint Revealed

In this experiential talk Claudia speaks about our global shift to the new paradigm. Humanity is waking up after a disconnection of body and soul over the last 4000 years. Claudia will speak about indigenous prophecies and how we are living in an era of great change and potential. In order to restore balance on our planet the new leaders of the Aquarian Age will honour the sacredness of all life and integrate feminine and masculine energies. Including research from cutting edge science on the actual human blueprint, this workshop will explore how the subtle shift from the old consciousness of an unbalanced, egoic solar plexus to the expansive heart is already happening. This talk is about our role in conscious evolution and how to activate the New Earth codes. Participants will experience some guided meditations and gain a holistic understanding on aligning with their unique purpose in life.

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