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Nick is passionate on living well, to move & align with nature of body, mind, heart and spirit towards a state of oneness. In 2012, Nick setup AIM Yoga with Chester. Nick conducts teachers training, workshops, retreats and teachers regularly at Fitness First Asia. He also is a presenter for Les Mills BODYBALANCE in Asia Pacific. Nick is also a member of Yogavatar’s teachers training team on 2016 as Yoga Philosophy and lifestyle teacher. Nick’s classes infuses Yoga Asana, Functional Bodywork, Ceremonies, Pranayama, Meditation, Sound healing. With 13+ years experience of teaching, he now teaches from a place of practicality and clear intention to make way towards wholeness. Chester is a Co-founder of AIM. Both of them work together in event management – yoga trainings & workshops and retreats. A nutritionist, Yoga and BODYBALANCE teacher at Fitness First Malaysia since 2012.

Chester have been studying with Forrest YogaGuardians specialises in BODYWORK, to mend the hoop of people by connecting and healing body and mind with AIM Yoga. Chester have juice for creative, & his class is fun. Chester’s passionate in mindful movement with joy in expression.

Workshop Description

Longevity - Forrest Yoga

The intent for this therapeutic backbend workshop is on connecting to the Yoga practice with kindness.

Using the intelligent sequencing of Forrest Yoga, called synaptic bridging, you will learn regulate your breathing to decompress your spine & muscles of your back.

Discover how to bring enthusiasm and aliveness onto your entire back muscles of your soles of your feet to the top of the head. Feel extra ordinary taller, longer and leaving feeling ready to walk with confidence.

Possibilities - Forrest Yoga

What if you made pleasure & ecstasy as part of your daily practice? How would that enrich & change the quality of your life? Clearing stubbornness and numbness are the first step to owning and celebrating your pleasure. Explore hip openers with fun inversion, standing pose series with hip openers poses, pigeon variations and hammock pose. Learn how to stay connected and track feeling. This workshop offers you to play and enjoy the sacred connection and for good, sweaty fun. You will be intrigue how you could bring passion and aliveness into your whole being. Teaching our body how to respond authentically to new growth and wonderful sensations.

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