Top 10 Reasons Why Being at Murfest 2015 Can Change Your Life.

It’s about creating a Lifestyle.
Not just thinking positively and eating healthily, but living to your optimum in every possible way. Here are a few other reasons why you should be at Murfest this year.


What would bring you to KL?
The food? It does have some yummy dining options. KL also has a certain charm, bringing you a lovely mix of the urban and yet local culture.
Or if you’re coming in from any of the neighbouring countries like Singapore, you might want to get a nice spa package for perhaps half the price that you would pay at home.
The other reason would be Murfest, a festival that started off year last year in November of 2014, and that aims to bring people together from all over the world to have fun and learn together. Yoga, healing, tapping, meditation…it has everything that you could possibly think of. And then some.
You can find out more here: murfest.


Sure you can go for massages in exotic Thailand, or classic auyervedic spas in India. And no doubt you would be satisfied.
But here at Murfest you can be seriously pampered with an array of workshops, unconventional meditation sessions, and soothing traditional healing therapies from a variety of experts from different parts of the world.
There’s even an arm balancing workshop where you can learn how your arms interplay with the rest of your body’s balancing system. And it’s taught by the gorgeous Kosta Miachin who’s a balance between Canada and Thailand himself.
You can learn more about him and what he plans to show you in his class here: kosta-miachin


If you think about it, when do you find yourself having the most fun?
It’s usually when you’re doing something you love, and when you’re surrounded by people you love. Or when you choose to expose yourself to entirely new experiences. And if you’ve even glanced through the list of workshops on you’ll find all of the above.
There’s yoga of course if you’re into that. And even if you’re not it could be one of those new experiences that you can expose yourself to. Or just get it off your bucket list.
You don’t have to be Indian to dance to Bhangra. If you’re just looking to move your body to some high energy sounds, the Masala Bhangra by the beautiful Sarina Jain might do it for you. Check out the three day schedule here murfest and find a few classes that you’d like to try, or show off your own moves at!


You’ve probably heard this by now, that we’re all just bundles of energy vibrating around. So what you might ask? Or an even more pertinent question that might be on the tip of your tongue might be, “what does energy have to do with coming to Murfest?”
You know that feeling you get after you a really good workout where you know you’ve given your best? Or after an all-night party (assuming you’re still sober!)? That’s what pure positive energy expenditure feels like.
Some like to equate it with releasing endorphins, better known as the ‘feel-good’ hormones.
If you find yourself sort of dragging around, feeling a little listless, and you’ve honestly tried every remedy you know of to pick yourself up, come to Murfest.
The ‘Spirit, Dance, Soulsong; sounding and moving the chakras’ on Day One itself might be just what you need to realign your own chakras. Get your blood and energy circulating. It’s really just all about energy.
Take a look at the workshops on offer here:schedule


Murfest might be one or the only event in KL where you wouldn’t mind sharing your personal space. You’ll be rubbing shoulders and bodies with people you wouldn’t normally meet on the streets.
The workshop facilitators themselves are definitely people you need to meet.
Not only because you want to learn from them, but because you’ll find out what makes them tick.
These are people who’ve given their lives to do what they love. Meet Russell Price who’ll be doing the workshop “The Yoga of Relationships’ and ask him what it’s all about. It could even bring a little magic to your relationships.
The irony of being at Murfest is that while you’re mingling with all these amazing people, you’ll also find the time and the space to go within.
To really get to “know thyself’ as Aristotle encouraged us to. Or like the great Buddha you can find your own enlightenment. The “Be Still & Know/Yin yoga” workshop taught by Tymi Howard on Day two might help facilitate your personal journey.
You can find her workshop here:schedule


You’ve probably heard the analogy of a caterpillar morphing into a gorgeous butterfly hundreds of times before. Cliched as it sounds, it’s a lovely visual example of what true transformation is like.
What kinds of transformation can you expect at Murfest?
The clichéd reply to that would be a total transformation. It could be true though. Even if you just try one new workshop and made one new friend, that in itself could be the trigger to your own personal transformation.
Datin Siti Suleiha Suguna may be able to nudge you in the direction of your transformation with her workshop on Day two “Awakening the Mind’s Eye”. She shares the link between your senses and your consciousness, as well as your intellect so if you’re someone who likes to fix goals and achieve them, this would help you to harness the entire power of your mind as well as your intuitive nature.
You can find out more about her class here:schedule


You don’t need statistics to know that yoga is catching on furiously around the world. And if you’re wondering why, perhaps now’s the time to find out.
On the other hand, if you’re a yoga enthusiast who’d love to spread the message of yoga to every person you meet, then we want you at Murfest. Not just you of course, but all your friends that’ve heard talk endlessly about the great physical and mental benefits of yoga. Emotional too.
Use Murfest as your excuse to bring everyone you know together, and have them experience it for themselves. And since there’s no ceiling to learning, the added benefit is that you get to try out as many kinds of yoga techniques as possible without hopping from one yoga centre to another.
There’s Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and even something called ‘Rock ‘n Roll Vinyasa which if you’ve never even heard of, then you absolutely have to try it.
Check out the schedule here:schedule


So you’re probably wondering why this word is even here, but it’s been said that love is the strongest force on earth.
And sometimes experiencing that love gets a little more challenging in an environment that constantly makes demands on your mind and body.
When you take time off to meditate, your body gets the message that you love it. When you practice mindfulness, and really being in the moment, you’re literally showering love on whatever it is that you’re focusing on. It could be your work, or more importantly your family.
Coming to Murfest with your friends, and especially bringing your family would be a perfect opportunity to; first of all, take time off from your crazy schedule to appreciate and love yourself.
Second, when you bring your family and friends, you’re telling them that you love them and appreciate them, and want them too to grow with you.
And if you really really want to learn how to hug better, you know those hugs which can’t help but be felt, you have to attend Rudolfo Young’s “The Art of a Heart Hug” workshop. It’s also a great workshop to attend if you just want some free hugs.
You can find out more about Rudolfo and his workshop here schedule


We apologise for adding in this word which is entirely self-explanatory and subjective, but honestly it couldn’t be helped.
If you’re coming all the way to Kuala Lumpur from wherever home is for you, we wanted to make sure you knew what was in store for you, and not just what you see on the website.
So starting from Day One we have workshops that promise to be as creative as their names.
If you think ‘Tune in, Tap out, Turn on!’ is about tap dancing, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong; you’d just need to know which parts of your body do the dancing!
There’s ‘Rock ‘n Roll Vinyasa’ to Day three’s ‘Reggeathon’ by Amar Singh which is quite a sexy mix of salsa and reggae.  You can find out more about all the classes and workshops here  schedule
Maybe we’re even understating it when we say it’s going to be exciting.


We’re pretty much restating here what you see on the website; that Murfest is truly a showcase of the best in wellness, yoga, healing, dance, motivational speaking, and conscious living and that you honestly would be hard pressed to find something like it anywhere else on the planet in such a dynamic combination.
It’s a tall order we know, but it’s been done last year. And it can only get better this year.
It’s really about creating a new way of living and a lifestyle; one that will push you to reach within and discover the essence of who you really are.
Join the movement that just might change your life.
You can get ticket booking and accommodation details here:tickets
For any other questions please feel free to send an email to