The end of day One @Murfest and why you still need to be here.

This isn’t going to be a long post raving about how great day One at Murfest was.

Because it’s always tough to put an experience into words. You had to have been there physically to have experienced it.

To see it.

Matic being right in the heart of town is tucked between both the gorgeous KL Tower and the world famous Petronas twin towers. In the evening, if you’re standing on the grounds on where GloKL is going to be held on Saturday night, and if you angled your camera just right you’d get some outstanding shots. Selfies and ‘we-fies’ notwithstanding.

In fact if you stand on the 13th floor of the Hotel Maya at the Sky Lounge you’d get another outstanding shot of KL’s night lights. Iphones and Androids notwithstanding. Ranking right up there with the best metropolises around the world.

The bright pinks and blues of the Murfest logo lurking in the periphery of your vision as you made your way around to the various workshops.

Granted it was a big space and you might have gotten a little lost as you manouevred your way around Matic with a map in front of your face. But maybe, just maybe you were meant to wander into the right class at the right time after all.

To smell it.

Besides the usual metropolitan smells of traffic, if you wandered your way around to some of the booths you’d be able to tickle the fine cilia in your nostrils with aromas of essential oils.Particularly peppermint, your perfect companion to a day at Murfest.

And yes, there were the usual aromas of delectable food. And no, that’s not an oxymoron; food that your body will thank you for can also be extremely delicious.

To hear it.

At a wellness festival even the music is garnered to make you feel well. If you were at the Nadi-Nadi night, you would have been lulled by the divine sounds of the beautiful Hannah Lo who opened the evening providing the perfect background to a little sunset yoga.

And then there was Shervin, a Sufi maestro who brings healing with a unique combination of sounds with just as unique instruments. And again at a wellness festival, we don’t take words like ‘healing’ lightly. It wasn’t just music, it was a spiritual retreat into your soul.

You had to have been there.

But it’s only just the beginning. You still have two more days to create a life-changing experience for yourself.

Because at the end of the day Murfest is only a platform. A platform not just to experience a little wellness in the city, but really a platform to change your life. If you think it’s ‘just another festival experience’ it will be ‘just another festival experience’ for you. But if you’re coming, empty yourself of preconceived ideas and let your heart take over.

Be here for the next two days because as it’s been said before ‘miracles happen in moments’.