The Artist Series: Getting up, close and personal with Samantha Doyle.

If you want to learn how to better manage your time and yet make time for what really matters, you need to meet Samantha Doyle. Or Sami as she prefers to be called.

We were thrilled that she chose to make a little time for us and tell us – among other things- why she chose to be a facilitator at MURFEST this year.

How did you hear about Murfest and what made you want to be a part of it?

I came across Murfest when I was searching ‘yoga’ and ‘Asia’ – two of my favourite things! When I saw Murfest I had a rush come over my entire body, which is usually a sign for me to take action! I emailed the team and wasn’t sure if I’d be teaching or presenting – I just saw what they were doing and offered to help out. I love these kinds of events – they are such a great way to bring together community!

On your website you share your story which is truly nothing short of miraculous! You also mention the word ‘CHANGE’; what was your turning point and what was the first step you took to change your own life and condition?

I felt something shift inside of me when I started practicing yoga and meditation. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle that brought a deeper understanding and happiness to my life. After I’d experienced a small taste on the joy it brought me, and started seeing how much it transformed me, I felt moved to pass it on to others.

When I was so mentally unwell, I spent a lot of time with other people who where in the same boat – people who were experiencing deep suffering. It really hit me to see them hurting, and having had a taste of the silver lining, I felt it my duty to get back on track and heal, so that I could give back and pay forward what I’d been given with yoga.

How would you say Ayurveda has helped you or changed your life? What attracted you to it? Is there anyone who would not benefit from Ayurveda?

EVRYONE can benefit from Ayurveda! It has changed my life in that it offered a framework for understanding life and how things work, so it took out the confusion of trying to find what works in health, balance and understanding how my mind and body operate. I think that there are some stigmas about Ayurveda being an ‘Indian’ healing system, with ‘Indian’ food, and ‘Indian’ treatments. In actual fact, the scientific truths that make up the system of Ayurveda have nothing to do with any country or culture and everything to do with how the world works, and how we can harmonise with it. It’s a great foundation for living!

4.How is yoga a part of your teaching and lifestyle? If you had to pick one asana or perhaps a sequence of them which ones would you pick and why?

Ooh – that’s a tough one! Haha so many great asanas, with so many different benefits. Mantra meditation is my jam! That’s my number one priority every day – japa-mala meditation and kirtan. And physically, I would have to say Sun Salutations. They calm my highly strung nervous system and help me to slow down and get in tune with my body and breath.

Yoga is something that is thread through everything I do. It’s not just the physical practice, but the teachings that influence how I behave, what I choose to engage in and my life goals.

What message would you like to share and inspire those who are coming to MURFEST, and those who are still deciding?

The urgent things will take care of themselves – take time out for what’s important. If you don’t make the effort to stop, drop and slow down for some self-care, when will you? All those important things you’ve got going on will still be there when you get back – so take a few days to unwind, recharge and make new friends. I promise you’ll go back to work feeling happier, and working more efficiently!

We also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for allowing us to give away your book ‘Your Ultimate Bikini Body Guide’ as a gift to those who register. It contains a wealth of information and practical steps on how women can achieve a healthy and fit body in just a few weeks. What do you see the future hold for you, and what is your core message that- perhaps the one thing about you that might never change!?

Thank you so much for having me! I feel very honoured and humbled to be part of this event. The Murfest team have been so friendly! I look forward to spending time with everyone.

I think the future holds ongoing transformation – in myself, my business, my life… and I hope to continue to help others to transform their lives.

We notice that you also offer coaching on your website? As much as coaching is a wholistic process, what area of a person’s life are you looking to trigger a change in? And for those who come to your workshops and who benefit from your knowledge; how can they get in touch with your further?

With coaching, I hope to help people trigger those shifts that help them break through the things that are keeping them from living their best life. As I said earlier, yoga is golden thread in my life, and everything I do is in effort to help people to in some way be moving towards a higher consciousness. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey, so for some people they need to work on the physical, others the mental, and others are ready to work beyond that.

I’d love to stay in touch with everyone from Murfest! You can find me on the net at or Facebook friend request me! (Samantha Doyle). I’m also on Instagram @samanthdoyle !

Sami is doing two workshops on the Friday and the Sunday of the Murfest weekend on ‘Ayurveda’ and ‘Fighting for Recovery’! Click here to out more about her workshops.

And if you’re still not sure what MURFEST is all about, rather than having us explain it to you book your tickets here. But in a nutshell MURFEST  is the beginning of a Wellness Movement in Malaysia that aims to change the face of wellness itself, and to bring hope, love and a renewed sense of purpose to each and every person who attends.