The Artist Series: Dileri Sadhana on Freedom, Happiness and falling in love with Kuala Lumpur

Coming from a quaint little picturesque town near the bustling city of Milan; shes’s still somehow fallen in love with Malaysia’s capital.

  1. what was the deciding factor that made you agree to being one of the Murfest facilitators?

First of all, MURFEST is one of the most unique festivals in the region and it is a good opportunity for everyone to participate and be one of the facilitators. It is a great place for sharing ideas and new updates on the field as well as a personal satisfaction if I have a contribution in this festival as much as I can.

I have been asked by organizers to conduct a workshop and I took this opportunity to share my experience on my area of expertise with people who are in YOGA atmosphere.

2. We know a little of your background from what we see in your own website…

But what would you say was the turning point in your life? Or was there one and at what period of time was it at?

For sure all of us have been influenced by some certain points throughout our lives which have tremendously changed our paths.

To answer your question yes I am from Italy and in a certain point in my life I become more interested to know about East, especially India and Meditation which required to take some steps to move to India and I got all my answers and better understanding about my mind, thoughts and my physical body. In the last few years I have been working in Southeast Asia especially Thailand and Malaysia and it became a dive point for me to not only focus on my interests and find myself as a practitioner in Pilates, Ayurvedic Bodywork Massage and Meditation Facilitators but also to shift my mind and body towards a holistic view in which I found more happiness and peacefulness than office work.

3. In the website it mentions that you’re from Italy, how did KL come to be your current base?

Before coming to KL I had been working in Thailand, then I decided to come to Malaysia to attend a Pilates school and settled myself in KL. And now I am in love with KL. Malaysia offers more opportunities in fitness which makes it more interesting for people like me who loves to be in this environment additionally I love this country, people and culture which is truly a small scale of Asia.

4. What would you say is your guiding philosophy for life/perhaps your mission/vision? How would you define your “Holistic’ view of wellness? How do dancing and meditation work hand-in-hand for you? How do Pilates and Ayurveda fit into your message of holistic wellness?

To me life is like a big cake which every one of us has a small piece and taste and it is good if we can do some changes in our surrounding which is sustainable and can go person by person by this small piece. As a vegan to share my knowledge with people and help them in better understanding of illnesses and natural treatments and how posture can affect one’s thoughts. Dancing is the first natural movement of human beings and it has been paid less attention to it these days whereas in ancient time people used to dance as part of their lives every day.   

I believe meditation has been through an evolution in the current century in which people in these days cannot sit and meditate silently with keeping mind stop thinking anymore.

 OSHO as being my master had thought us how to meditate with body movement to release tension and energy as Active Meditation which has been particularly covered and has been conducted by one of the MURFEST 2015 speakers.

To answer how Pilates and Ayurveda fit into my holistic wellness approach, I would like to answer by quoting a phrase from Joseph Pilates in 1946 which he says “Contrology is a complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Through Contrology you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your mental and subconscious activities.” I believe Pilates is a sort of meditation that requires a full awareness while doing each exercise and movements. In addition it is very safe and helpful for people recovering from injuries as well as to improve the performance which explains why Pilates is suitable for anyone and everyone.

Ayurveda is the most ancient Indian holistic healing system to harmonize body, mind and soul. Most of the modern healing approaches like Reiki, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and etc… have been originated from Ayurveda. Spas also have roots in it. Ayurveda has thought me how massage is so important to keep your body clean and immune because every single pain we have in our body is only a message that something we are doing is wrong.

5. What are some of the objectives you have in mind for your workshop or what would someone coming to your workshop expect to learn? (Expect being subjective of course!) What do you hope to see and who would be your target audience? Your workshop is titled as ‘Ayurvedic bodywork massage’- will you be teaching the participants how to use ayurvedic principles for themselves or for others or both? Can anyone attend your workshop?

In both of my workshops (X-tend Barre and Ayurvedic Bodywork Massage) the main objective is raising awareness about the integration of mind, body and soul as a holistic complementary cycle of wellbeing.

My workshops is targeting anyone and everyone wants to discover more about themselves and open more the mind to an holistic approach.

The workshop on Ayurvedic Bodywork Massage is not about teaching audiences ABM principles for using on themselves rather than providing them with some suggestions and tips because this workshop explains what ABM is all about and how it acts as a wellness approach in our life.

The concept of X-tend Barre was born in Australia and currently there is only one studio in Malaysia that offers classes in it. It is a full-body, cardio intensive workshop; similar to yoga in that it opens us inner muscles and similar to pilates in some of its moves. It incorporates a little ballet with moves such as the plie. And yes there will be music during the workshop. 🙂 

6. What is your message that you would like to share with those who come to Murfest?

My only message for participants of MURFEST is just to enjoy and get the best of any facilitator and workshop there. Because MURFEST has brought many expert speakers and practitioners which makes it a unique opportunity for participants to get in-depth understanding of all covered areas.

And honestly; just come participate, and be PRESENT- emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually- because when you’re fully PRESENT you discover what happiness really is. For you.

7. What do you see for yourself in the near future…are there other areas you’d like to pursue?

Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will take me and what turns and twists will happen but personally I would like to explore more other holistic disciplines and nutrition.  

8. How can people who would like to know more about you contact you?

I am reachable through my FB page and email address

MURFEST is Malaysia’s largest Wellness Movement, taking place on the 4-6th of November. Whether you’re into wellness or you know nothing about it, it’s worth coming to check out. Not just here but in person. Or just take a break from daily routines and schedules and come down, and it’s always better when you bring your friends.