Murfest’s ColourFest- what’s it all about ?

You might have heard of MyColourfest. Or not.

But we were curious about this little mini-Murfest and what it’s place was in the Murfest roster of activites. So we traced down the originator of the idea, and unsurprisingly it turned out to be Nitesh Malani- the co-founder of Murfest itself. Or the husband of Shobie who is the Founder of Murfest. Clearly there’s a connection here.

Also the brightly coloured banner caught our eye and we wondered what could possibly go on in a ‘ColourFest’ besides people throwing colours at each other.

Before we go into the brief interview – this is an even briefer announcement to say that if you haven’t bought your Murfest tickets yet, now’s the time to do it. You can still squeeze in an early bird discount if you hurry!

So back to this brief interview with Nitesh; brief because it’s a little hard to pin him down to get him to say a few words, and brief also because he’s more of a doer than a talker. Hence the birth of this ColourFest.

1. What inspired you to create this event- besides your own obvious love for colours!?
MyColourFest 2016 is Malaysia’s 1st & Largest Urban Colour Festival. We have been wanting to introduce unique products for urbanites to enjoy and cherish.

2. Who’s this event for? What’s in it for families especially those with young children?
Anyone from age 12 and above. Its a family Festival filled with Colours, Music, Food & Fun.

3. What can participants expect to experience at this event?
Lots of Joy and Fun.

4. How does this event tie in with the Murfest theme of urban wellness ?
Its on the same concept as  the Urbanite concert. 

5. Will those who come for this event get any further discount on their Murfest tickets? (Just trying our luck!)
Its both different platforms but participants will be able to book their tickets for MURFEST 2016 at MyColourFest.

6. Speaking of Murfest congratulations on making it to your third year! It’s obviously no easy feat creating an event of this magnitude.
As you prepare for the upcoming one in November (4-6th) will there be anything different in store for participants? Or is this a top secret…and we’ll just have to come and find out for ourselves!
We have lots in store this year. From a multitude of participants from 20 different countries to coaches and facilitators from 35 nationalities, we are already looking forward to a successful MURFEST 2016 with participants exceeding 10000 participants over 3 days. Our URBANITE concert for sure is set to be on a different tone and beat this year.

So here you have it from one of the Co-Founder’s himself. The only thing that remains is for you to come and experience it for yourself.

Oh and get your Murfest tickets soon before they run out.