Meet Murfest’s Bhakti Warriors and find out what they did to make Murfest happen. And how you can join them.

MURFEST 2015 was a huge success and one of the major reasons behind this was the team that made this happen.

Apart from the core team, we had the support of over 50 Bhakti Warriors (our volunteers)! Our volunteers comprised mostly students – local and international (currently studying in Malaysia)- as well as a few young working professionals. They worked tirelessly and helped run the show over the intense packed weekend and contributed greatly in making the festival a raving success!

We asked 3 of our warriors – Eddie (Working professional, Malaysian), Wahid (Student/working professional, Bangladeshi) and Simran (Student, Indian) a few questions on what they felt about volunteering at MURFEST and…

The very first question we asked them was on what their greatest takeaway was from MURFEST.

Eddie: TEAMWORK AND TOLERANCE is most important in any event to make the event successful

Wahid: My biggest learning from MURFEST was in understanding the importance of bridging the gap between mind, body and soul while being part of the team that hosted the workshops.

Simran: The importance of looking after your body, mind and soul. I learned how vital it is for you to understand your body and what it needs from you and give it what it requires in order to let it function properly. It was a great learning experience and working with other volunteers and meeting such important figures in the wellness industry was quite inspiring as well. Most importantly MURFEST taught me the importance of being healthy inside and out in order to be truly happy with yourself!

When asked about their favorite MURFEST memory, Eddie responded he has too many pleasant memories and is unable to pick one specific one as all of them leave him speechless! However  Wahid and Simran felt that the URBANITE concert made the most impact on them.

Wahid: That’s a very tough question! There were so many memories to share from the event over two years that I attended. I would say the amazing time spend working with the team for all the different classes running concurrently while relaxing to the beats of the Urbanite Concert at the end ranks at the top of the list.

Simran: My favorite memory would have to be the Urbanite concert, simply because the vibe in that ballroom was truly magical! The brilliance of the musicians at MURFEST is unparalleled! Discovering all these brilliant new artists at Urbanite was incredible because of the quality of music they played!

And lastly we asked our volunteers why they felt more people should the Bhakti warriors:

Eddie: I would suggest others to apply as volunteers for them to get to explore more on the function of MURFEST which can help you to learn skills that can help you to adapt to new and different environments.

Wahid: Volunteering for MURFEST as Bhakti Warriors is a highly rewarding and delightful experience. The largest annual yoga and wellness festival in this region would create a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in close proximity with the top wellness professionals around the globe all under the same roof.

Simran: If the entire concept of MURFEST itself doesn’t interest you, do it for the experience alone! It is an interesting and unforgettable experience where you will meet so many new people, and make so many new friends and connections with people you would have never net otherwise! It’s a truly amazing event that will change your outlook on life and worth every hour of volunteer work that goes into it!

So now that you know a little bit more about what it means to be a volunteer for MURFEST we want to tell you that MURFEST is taking in applications for our next batch of Bhakti Warriors for 2016.

In the words of Simran, “do it for the experience itself” because sometimes all it takes is one moment to change your life.

If you would like to be part of this amazing team of volunteers and help create awesome experiences both for yourself and for others, please email us at: