Amar Singh & Prabha N Malaysia

    Amar is the founder, instructor and choreographer at Dance Blaze Academy. His one Mission is to spread the joy of dance not just across Malaysia but the rest of the world.

    Amar’s early experience in the performing art of dance commenced in the non-Latin genres of Bhangra and Hip hop. Amar started teaching Cuban Salsa and Bachata in 2005 and has been adding on different dances to his repertoire with Dominican Bachata, Reggaeton, Afro Cuban dances, and his famous Body Movement Classes.

    A crowd favorite in the Malaysian social salsa circuit, Amar continues to wow the masses with his freestyle and groovy dance moves.

    Over the years Amar has not just been recognized as a leading figure in the Malaysian dance industry but highly sought after internationally as well with his performing and teaching tours all the way across South East Asia ,Germany, Holland, UK, Japan, and India.

    His outlook towards dance has evolved as he draws a parallel between life relationships and dance. Enriching different aspects of ones life.

    A genuine desire to see individuals grow not just as better dancers but as better individuals through this parallel has made him one of the most respected and sought-after instructors and dancers.

    Workshop Description

    Body Isolation

    Those who are looking forward to get flexible, you definitely don’t want to miss this. This workshop includes teaching techniques of the body roll, hip movements and shoulder rolls.

    Students of all levels and dance styles are encouraged to join as we will be teaching you how to implement the body isolation and control techniques into every dance style that you do.


    Reggaeton is a spicy, sexy hot latin dance with music roots of Jamaican reggae, hip hop and salsa. It involves a lot of chest , hip and shoulder movements.. In this class you can expect to learn the isolations, body control and musicality that is the essence of this sexy and fun dance.

    The chest pumping, body rolls, and hip rotation is going let you loose and inject lotsa fun into your life.