Maria Kellis


Intuitive Healer

Maria Kellis is a certified spiritual healer and intuitive. She has been helping people heal from trauma, addictions, various illnesses (both mental and physical), long term pain. She is also an intuitive coach that helps people find out how to strengthen their desires and make their dreams come true.

Maria Kellis has found a way to achieve effortlessly and enjoyably while still performing in this world at the highest levels. Generating miracles is the answer to life’s problems. Money, fame, health, and relationships: The question is not if you can do it, rather how fast can you do it?

Maria Kellis has been practicing various healing modalities, intuitive coaching approaches, and meditation for the last 15 years. She helps people strengthen the mind-heart connection. She encourages unconditional love, forgiveness, and inner peace.

Maria is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Thailand in mysticism and spiritual healing. Maria is now a best selling author, holds seminars and retreats around the world and helps transform people’s lives!

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