Duncan Wong



Duncan Wong is the pioneer of warrior flow yoga, and a lineage keeper of the ancient Pashupati Datta (Animal Nature), who, through great effort to protect their Kula (Community) as Vira Datta (Guardian Nature), strive for Deva Datta (Angel Nature). These are the three states of the yogi, being; body, mind and spirit.

Duncan is the creator of the Yogic Arts™ systems and the most recognized global innovator of synthesizing yoga, martial arts and massage. YogicArts™ was established in San Francisco, California, in 1990, and blossomed in NYC in 2000, And help set the global standard for what modern flow yoga is today. and has become a global system sparked by strong teachers who build practicing communities.

Born from 40 years of flow practice in the healing fields, YogicArts™ is best defined as a refined flow revolution that focuses on hand and feet mudras (micro postures) that align the body asanas (structures). Duncan's passion and purpose is to encourage people to rediscover how to align their earth body and star mind.

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