Daniel *Sonic* Rojas


Embodied Dance

Movement Specialist, Professional Dancer, High Vibration Guide

DANIEL *SONIC* ROJAS has been dancing & performing for more than 25 years, and is known around the world for his creativity and individual way of expressing himself by telling stories through dance. Combining his Latin roots and his experiential journey of many years as a professional dancer/performer, Daniel has created his own style that he calls \’Embodied Dance\’ (formally known as Contemporary-Break). This unique form has been recognised by the University of Science of Sports and Anatomy in Cologne, Germany, as one of the most complete movement art forms offered internationally. Embodied Dance dissolves the boundaries between different movement cultures with the aim of giving individuals a unique way of expressing themselves, connecting to feeling through movement and ultimately self-healing. Daniel shares Embodied Dance worldwide, including at many popular festivals and dance academies, as well as continues to perform/battle/judge international events and to share private sessions & trainings.

A crowd favorite in the Malaysian social salsa circuit, Amar continues to wow the masses with his freestyle and groovy dance moves.

Over the years Amar has not just been recognized as a leading figure in the Malaysian dance industry but highly sought after internationally as well with his performing and teaching tours all the way across South East Asia ,Germany, Holland, UK, Japan, and India.

His outlook towards dance has evolved as he draws a parallel between life relationships and dance. Enriching different aspects of ones life.

A genuine desire to see individuals grow not just as better dancers but as better individuals through this parallel has made him one of the most respected and sought-after instructors and dancers.

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